Is Lachlan or Lazarbeam the better youtuber?

Posted by: Movista

Movista on ps4 friend me.

30 Total Votes

Lazarbeam is better

24 votes

Lachlan is better

6 votes
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Movista says2019-03-14T12:49:18.2368676Z
For real though we all know that Lachlan has no soul and is a dead shell. Lazar beam is not a dead shell though and he still has a life. Vote for Lazar beam #UsecodeLazar
KoolAidCobain says2019-03-26T16:16:30.6418355Z
I remember a time when Lazar was a Madden channel.
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-09-10T04:35:25.9395824Z
Glass Joe. Think about it.

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