• Yes

  • No

58% 98 votes
42% 72 votes
  • Yes, I accept it. Admittedly I am a little homophobic, but I still accept it. Just like I accept homework: technically I don't like it, but I accept it.

  • Why shouldn't we accept them?? They're still humans like us? Like it's a permanent thing, you don't choose to be LGBTQ I think it's completely fine. In movies and stuff there's more LGBTQ relationships and I think some of them are as cute as other straight relationships

  • People part of the LGBTQ+ community is just like people who are not the only difference is that they like the same sex and that is not a sin

  • Why would we not? why does it really matter? It doesn't.

  • LOVE IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT CHANGE IT

  • It's the 21st century it's more common now than it was probably 20 years ago there's nothing to be afraid of people...... I for one don't care as long as people feel safe and happy with who they are seeing whether it male with male female with female transgender with male or female. I have a transgender sibling and I for one am proud of that as long as she's happy I'm happy. Plus I finally have another older sister one that will let me make her clothes...... LGBTQ or not we are all human beings those who aren't on the boat with it they'll get over it eventually

  • They are people like us and if you dont get that than ur not acceptable

  • I love how no has 5 votes but 1 comment about how they don't really care.

  • I think your sexuality is up to you, and completely valid. Gay people are actually a big help right now. The world is extremely over-populated, if we would just let gay people be themselves, this would be less of a problem. Over-population is the cause of many issues we face as humans. Gay people are still people, I think we add some character to the population. I think your sexuality is your choice, and I believe it's extremely bitchy to criticize someone's sexuality. (I'm a lesbian by the way).

  • I don't really care who people like just as long as it's not me.

  • So even though i don't quite understand all the identities, i feel that if we didn't accept people for how they want to identify themselves, then we are basically discriminating. We want to live in a world were people don't hide away so that they wont be picked on or we don't want people to feel uncomfortable in clothes or the gender they must hide behind in order for people to treat like humans. We should accept people for who they are, for example why would it hurt you if someone was gay you may not even know, and its non of our business anyway. Just in case we are talking about the community of support for these people i think its great. Because there are mean people who don't accept and that can really hurt so i think its non of our business and the foundation id great.

  • If you're not gay, how would you know what it's like? Other people's marriage rights don't affects your life at all. It's not like once homosexuals get married, they suddenly turn into terrorists.

  • I have never been able to find any moral justification that would lead me to believe that homosexuality or any other letter in the acronym are "unacceptable".

  • This is like saying "Is it acceptable to be who you are?" None-straight sexualities are not "unnatural"; the vast majority of animal species, including mallards, contain some individuals that display homosexual behaviour. If you believe homosexuality to be morally wrong, that doesn't mean everyone else does, so let us be. I believe eating meat is morally wrong, but I respect that other people, including my girlfriend, believe it is morally right. If your homophobic argument is religiously or morally based, well, your religion and morals apply only to you, and nobody else. And if you're going to say being transgender is "unacceptable," then you're trying to force us to live our lives as people we are not. Gender is a social construct (the WHO defines it as such), so we should be able to move around within it. LGBTQ+ people don't want to "get rid" of cisgender heterosexual people. We just want to coexist with you. If you want to "get rid" of us, remember, that makes you morally below us

  • I myself am bisexual and people are born gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, ect. It may seem like a choice because sometimes it takes longer to realise it, but it's not. One thing all those people do choose to do is to be so cute I mean look at some gay couples their adorable!

  • i said so bitch

  • Of course. The same way that heterosexuals would be acceptable? Is this even a question?

  • don't be a prick, If it doesn't hurt anyone it's fine

    Posted by: alitar
  • People are people. Mind your Business! Why is this so hard for you busy bodies?

  • There is absolutely no reason why we should not accept other human beings because of who they love. Also, Who cares if they can't reproduce? Why don't you have a problem with single people? And don't use a 2, 000 year old book to justify your opinions. The Church also used to be against black people. One day we'll look back on this issue and wonder why it took so long for people to stop judging each other.

  • Yes they are human, They are people, Let them be as you would want them to leave you be if you were in their position.

  • I don't even know what this question means, And I'm not real strong on issues like these.

  • Now before i say anything, I want no one to take offend in what i'm about to say. I am not apart of LGBTQ+. I'm straight, But i do support. I have many friends who are apart of it, And i treat them like no other. They should have the right to love who ever they want. No one should be forced to love someone, Its unhealthy for the body. Mentally and Physically. I mean do find it somewhat disturbing when i see a guy kissing another guy, Or a woman kissing another woman. But there way of love is not my business and i do respect that. The only thing is, If your apart of the LGBTQ+ i you should also have some respect for the people who aren't. If your gonna make out with the same gender, Do it somewhere private. Just for your own feeling's won't get hurt. Because there are many people who don't thing LGBTQ is right, And they might make a comment to you. Your most likely going to get your feelings hurt. That's why making out in public is not okay. Take it somewhere else. I mean a kisses are fine, Just no, You know what.

  • ur gay everyones gay its all good you all have big party with no cloth

  • im a gay nigger

  • Yes, Why does it matter what other people decide to do? It won't effect you unless you make it. Lgbtq+ also can't change the way they are just because someone doesn't accept them. (I'm using you instead of the people who are saying no, So don't take it personally. This is also just my opinion).

  • duh

  • I say no, but also feel it isn't really my business as long as I'm not being forced to go along with it.

  • my life got ruined because of homosexuals , not men though , the women are the problem here , they say they ''don't need men'' and say ''we have each other'' (i'm talking about lesbian women) feminists do the exact same thing , i know this is mean and all , but i simply just dont like them.

  • I have 2 reasons for no 1. Religion my religion is against gayness and is considered a sin 2. Religion aside i believe we should protect our traditions

  • The LGBT people force bakeries and churches to host their weddings and if a bakery doesn't want to service their wedding, they can be shut down. If a Church ( That doesn't support the LGBT community) refuses to hold their wedding, the church can lose their title as a nonprofit. Churches and Bakeries have the right to refuse service to anyone and to be shut down because you were forced to participate in a wedding that you do not support is against your first amendment right. Homosexuality is bad from a biological/scientific standpoint as you are unable to pass your genes down to future generations.

  • DISCLAIMER: If I could've voted both, I would have. I believe that LGBTQ+ are and should always be accepted as people into society, BUT. The reason I also want to say no, is because it is against MANY religions and it is completely OK to not accept someone if they are LGBTQ+ because of this. At this point it's a game of Omnivores and Vegetarians. The vegetarians say that everyone in the society MUST stop killing and eating animals, and the omnivores say its fine to do so. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO STOP EATING MEAT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

  • It isn't natural, reproduction happens between one man and one woman. Also, unlike clown fish, humans can't naturally change their gender. While you should be kind to everyone, you do not have to accept what they do and this includes anything that falls under this

    Posted by: ewsbsk
  • i dont belif in it i can't go away from my god

  • Clearly described as an abomination to God in the Bible.

  • Being gay is all fun and games until it's time to go to hell lmao

  • LGBTQ is wrong because marriage is made between a man and a woman only.

  • I know multiple sectors of the LGBTQ+ community that hate others in the community such as transgenders, Asexuality, And ally. Furthermore, They try to seclude people from their community. If your an ally it is great, But you are not apart of us. I do not care who you think belongs in your group, But if you do that, Then you are not acceptable to all. I believe that everyone should just live their lives and should accept everyone. I think people should accept the lgbtq community, But the community needs to accept their own members.

  • Because this is not "identities", But rather dumb ideas about sex and marriage that con people out of their health and livelihood. Everything out traditional marriage is a fundamental compromise. Disassociating sex from its life-giving properties is how all these "identities" are justified, But like it or not, There is only one design that produces children. And gay marriage shifts that compromise to the children, Deliberately disassociating them from a mother or father, Or even their natural parent. In this "equal rights" battle, Children have no rights to their own natural parent. Its rights over obligation, Choice over duty. The natural family has to die, In order for this one to live. Historically, This was a tragedy, Now its called "Pride".

    Posted by: asfda
  • I say no so the voting would go closer to 50/50

  • It's complicated.

  • No they shouldnt al gay people are mentally ill and have demons inside of them! My god said so in a non existant bible verse

  • You can believe whatever you want - BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE ME BELIEVE IT AS WELL. If you're allowed to assume your gender so am I. I see what I want to see.

  • i pick no in moralistic content and over all sociological affects of them.

  • they should be respected and not to be judged but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the eyes of our alive and existing God because GOD MADE ONLY MAN AND WOMAN! Final.

    Posted by: jeoni
  • gays bad

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heather_brother says2018-05-20T22:25:00.1750238Z
I wouldn't care whether it was ok or not. I'm bisexual, so it kind of effects me. But, I don't care what people think.
Negotiate says2018-05-21T02:39:50.3470548Z
I should ask- is the LGBTQ+ Community the topic of your question, or the LGBTQ+ Organizations? To me, there is a significant difference in answers between the two. In essence, in the case you are questioning the community, you are asking if sexuality, gender, is OK- acceptable, for example. "TRIGGER" WARNING: I personally disagree with the Organizations as they seek to increase the social power of the Community past discrimination and equality and into special-privilege-territory. They also seem to be at the center of radicalism- often supplying motivation to radical LGBTQ+ leaders that hold aggressive riots/protests, for example. To put it simply, I see them as the center of the hatred that has been growing INSIDE the Community. Equality is about acceptance and respect for both sides: I do not feel we, nor the Organizations especially, have accomplished this yet. I personally am against LGBTQ+'s ( the concept of sexualities/gender, for example), however, I do genuinely care for them just as much as I care for others. I also will do what I can to respect them, especially in the case that they are not in my face about it. However, forcing LGBTQ+ messages is just like forcing religion: it is hard to swallow, and an utter offense all the meanwhile. I emphasize how I will never intend/ yearn to harm anyone, including that of the Community, physically or mentally.
TRDebates says2018-05-31T16:20:24.5726361Z
The fact that 40% of people think LGBTQ is unacceptable scares me.
weuio says2018-12-09T01:47:16.4465363Z
Its not about "identities" its about disassociating sex from its life-giving properties. Dumb ideas about sex and marriage con people out of their health and livelihood. Everything outside traditional marriage is a fundamental compromise. Gay marriage shifts that compromise to the children, Deliberately disassociating them from a mother or father. In this "equal rights" battle, Children have no rights to their own natural parent. Its rights over obligation, Choice over duty. The natural family has to die, In order for this one to live. Historically this was a tragedy, Now its called "Pride".
SHAWNAANDERSON12 says2019-01-09T13:12:56.4508121Z
Absolutely why should it not be love is love
Dalerius says2019-03-12T02:58:39.8556279Z
The people that way no take the Bible too seriously. A lot of the Bible is a metaphor or just has a meaning so when these metaphors are taken too seriously, Then shouldn't the Golden Rule be taken seriously too? It says to love thy neighbor, But as it shows many people don't even come to accepting lbgtq+ so. . . (I do understand that many people are taught certain ways this is just my personal opinion).
Letsgetsomethingstraight says2019-03-19T00:04:22.7424416Z
We should love them, But that does not mean that we have to agree with them. We need to show them love above all else, As that is what Christ did.

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