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  • Sometimes even me wonder about that because many people die young, many people die because of diseases, but why do some people live with a healthy life and body? I believe that we all have reasons why we live. Maybe, we still can't figure it out at this time, but we need to wait and pray and we don't know maybe someday we'll be able to know the reason why we live. Life isn't just an existential pit of emptiness. Life is sometimes also full of happiness. I am questioning everyone who can read this comment. didn't you all have a happy moment in your life? Even in some it is just a little its still happiness. In life we will feel a roller coaster of emotions. we may always experience sadness, but we will also experience happiness.

  • Even though I lack religion and thus false hope, anyone can still enjoy life and life can be made much better.

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beebeyourself says2015-08-12T14:42:44.7081672Z
No. It's a chance to see it happened. The moment you try and describe it or measure it though, thought becomes a pleasure, and for every pleasure there is the absence of and the maintenance of said pleasure resulting in a balanced equation of euphoria and disphoria. Neither ever truly trumping the other. Since happy or unhappy won't come from pleasure, it's about your disposition on the whole equation. If you don't understand this principle of thought you're likely to get hung up on a disposition of despair in the confusion. A lot of modern societies havn't gotten past simply understanding this, but especially not to the point of using it. If you don't understand why pleasures seem to never work out, you roll around on the feeling and try to figure it out, try to describe, and measure it. Now we're back to how the problem began and it continues or you jump straight into another pleasure to deal with the failure of the last to find the same sense of failure as before. Much like the difference between how you might react to a paper cut having never had any type of small cut in your life because you don't understand what it is vs. If you have the average adult experience of paper cuts, if throughout the pleasure, like expecting a pattern to be fulfilled, you have a complete respect for the other side of the equation, then you understand it for what it is, it doesn't hurt longer than makes since, you have a respect for how necessary it is for the pleasure side to exist or to have of existed, and you aren't distracted away from opportunities for passion. Religion is a particularly popular pleasure because only the maintenence part is required since it can't fail until death. If you don't get it from yourself, where will you go for it? It's no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society, and since self contradictory systems breed self contradictory forms of revolt, the entire system of disrespect for the power of thought we've created must be abandoned entirely.
IDKWATTOSAYHEREBITCHES says2015-08-19T05:17:44.4130125Z
We exist to exist. We die to die. We don't leave a mark that is good. We just destroy. We humans will destroy all. We just keep reproducing ourselves. People die every day. It's not gonna matter if I die or not. Any day could be your last. Life is practically pointless. It just brings death.

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