• Yes

  • No

53% 9 votes
47% 8 votes
  • yes life is a big dream....... and the time span of that dream is depends upon our KARMA we all people living here are in a dream our real body is sleeping somewhere ..... and our soul which is playing an important role in this... whole is working like the matrix everything is fake in this world ,,every relation every love... real is God so people get up from this dream know self world is full of secrets.....

  • You ever heard of something called membrane theory? It's like, in this universe, we process time linearly. Forward. But outside of our space-time, from what would be a fourth-dimensional perspective, time wouldn't exist. And from that vantage, could we attain it? We'd see matter in a superposition, every place it ever occupied. Our sentience just cycling through our lives like carts on a track. See, everything outside our dimension—that's eternity. Eternity looking down on us. Now, to us, it's a sphere. But to them, it's a circle. Someone once told me time is a flat circle. That everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again.

  • I agree with rush on this one

  • Well we need to be alive somewhere so we can dream ourselves living, so why not be alive here? This life makes an awful lot more sense than any of the dreams we tend to have.

  • What kind if question is this?

  • Why call it a dream if this is our life?

    Posted by: reece
  • Even if life is not real (the external world,that is), you can't call it a dream. Dreams happen when you're asleep. Life can't be one dream, because the definition of dream is something that happens when you're living this life.

    Posted by: LsnapZ
  • Life is not one big dream unless it can be proven that the moments we know as our waking life can be proven as something that occurs in some form of suspended animation. Until we become awakened, our waking life should be considered reality.

  • senses of touch & smell

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reece says2015-07-25T20:42:53.7338078-05:00
@Rust_Cohle How did i know? As soon as i saw the thumbnail in the polls section...
triangle.128k says2015-07-25T21:36:39.8372956-05:00
If life was a dream, then I could control whatever happens in life because I can turn it into a lucid dream. (Which it is not)
Gustav_Adolf_II says2015-07-26T02:59:27.1529022-05:00
I can't be sure, but if this is a dream it's a really crappy dream.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-27T16:39:16.3248900-05:00
You will never know?
crazy333 says2015-08-07T03:18:04.7024704Z
This poll blew my mind

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