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No, he's just living in Thor's shadow

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neurotic1 says2013-09-08T14:16:50.3145203-05:00
He's got his own interests at heart
Nyx999 says2013-09-08T14:53:45.6507221-05:00
Are we talking about the stupid movie, or the ACTUAL mythology?
DebateGirl221 says2013-09-08T15:01:38.1228412-05:00
Mainly the movie, because that's where most people know him from. :)
Nyx999 says2013-09-08T15:05:15.6046105-05:00
Ok. *sigh* because I'd REALLY like to debate with somebody about mythology right now.
jameswalters says2013-09-09T18:53:55.0753851-05:00
No matter how you put it Loki is the god of mischief, and mischief has an evil intent it doesn't matter if its the movie, the comic, or the ACTUAL mythology Loki is basically having evil intent at all times so he is looking for the answer yes in this debate.
Beverlee says2013-09-10T07:03:55.0056497-05:00
As far as I know, Loki isn't actually a "Mischief God," or even a "trickster god," like the American god Coyote. He was mostly a "Fire-God." The idea is that, from the standpoint of the ancient Germanic tribesmen, you could never trust fire. Sometimes very helpful, sometimes very harmful, you could never turn your back on it. But, anyway, I don't know of anything in any of the Eddas (the poems and oaths that make up most of Germanic mythology) that call him anything but just his name. Some other German myths call him a fire god.
PatriotPerson says2013-09-15T20:09:24.6087039-05:00
Well, since the images show him as the Avengers villain, then yes, he is truly evil.
DebateGirl221 says2013-09-30T14:41:34.6147636-05:00
Pictures don't mean anything. You need to get to know him to understand him patriotperson
Peacetotheworld says2013-11-06T16:04:49.0558114-06:00
Mischief isn't necessarily evil. Evil is doing something purposely that is very wrong, while being mischievous is causing annoyance or slight harm. I don't think Loki is actually evil, but he's acts have gone beyond the point of being mischievous.
a34trgv1 says2014-09-07T16:11:42.3981243-05:00
Well, he wasn't always evil (as seen in the first half of Thor), but after Avengers, you'd think he would be.
ibelieveinmiracles says2015-10-15T16:37:45.2630765Z
He is neither. Loki is an anti-hero.

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