Is lower taxes based on higher wage a better way of solving wage problems?

Posted by: Mathgeekjoe

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No, we don't need companies to increase wages

6 votes

No, just increase the minimum wage

3 votes
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Yes, but only if they increase taxes on companies that don't increase their wages.

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Yes, but only if companies that increase wages get decreased taxes.

1 vote

Yes, but only if there is a balance of increase tax on companies that don't increase their wages and decrease taxes against those who increase wages.

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No, other reason.

Please give comment saying other reason.
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briantheliberal says2015-04-08T01:15:35.7433193-05:00
Just increase the minimum wage.
Krampus says2015-04-08T07:28:46.5365808-05:00
Why stop at $15? If we all just make the minimum wage $1000/hr, no one would be poor anymore! Everyone wins. What do business owners care? They can just go into their huge Scrooge Mcduck money pits and get more money to pay their employees. I'm sure everyone's quality of life will increase because because the cost of everything will stay the same, but everyone will be making lots of money. The best part? It's more free money for doing the exact same thing you voluntarily agreed to do for less money! Making the government bigger and taking more money from business owners will always fix any of the problems in America!
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-08T08:38:21.2610616-05:00
@KobytheGreat The reduce taxes doesn't mean the company pays no taxes. Also the decrease in taxes would be proportional to the increase in wages so a company can't just increase the wages slightly to get a major decreases. Anyways, based on your comment I believe you would support the option "yes, but only if they increase taxes on companies that don't increase their wages" which means no company gets lower taxes. Base taxes are the same but for companies that don't increase their wages have to pay even higher taxes.
CyberConor says2015-04-12T18:53:46.0996838-05:00
So you are telling me that someone that flips burgers at mcdonalds deserve 8 dollars an hour? Anyone could do that, it's not even worth money. The worker is not worth any money. Companies should decide the wage. This doesn't mean they make it 1 dollar an hour. They are smart enough to realize that people will work for more money.

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