Is Mario a hero

Posted by: Nuclearfission

Some say mario is really evil and not a hero do you agree?

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YES!! He's terrible

17 votes

No what are they talking about

4 votes
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Fanath says2014-04-23T16:54:51.2913411-05:00
Nuclearfission says2014-04-23T16:56:07.9149061-05:00
He is such a soviet!
PeacefulChaos says2014-04-23T16:56:52.2225411-05:00
The answers don't make sense. Why is it terrible to be a hero?
coszmo says2014-04-23T17:56:01.1948015-05:00
Mario is a hero
Owlz says2014-04-24T20:02:13.6428201-05:00
I believe this video shows why most people do not think of Mario as a hero.
BEASTxKNIGHTx12 says2014-04-28T15:24:11.1230270-05:00
Well the reason I think he is terrible is because. If you have ever heard the true story about Mario. You would know he is insane and hates his brother. He also doesn't really like Peach its just those mushrooms he talks to tell him to and he does it for them. The only reason he likes her is because she is rich and wants to be rich.
ImmortalVoddoler says2015-03-12T08:17:24.8394093-05:00
But hey! That's just a theory!

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