Is martial arts to dangerous for children?

Posted by: hadesdaughter99

Please add a comment this is for school.

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  • Martial arts differs from other things such as wrestlimg and boxing because it focuses more on self defense.

  • You can't teach them soon enough. It's a big, bad, scary world out there. If I had children, I'd begin teaching them soon after they master walking.

  • Martial arts are an excellent way to teach discipline, to promote psychical fitness, and to equip children with the ability to defend themselves.

  • Perhaps, it depends on the age of the child? The type of Martial Arts? The dojo? Or all of those factors? My son began taking Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate, at age 9, from a retired USMC officer. This type of Martial Arts involves hand-to-hand fighting (karate) as well as martial weapons use. It is not a sport & is not taught like one. He is 30, now, and holds a 4th degree Black Belt. If taught correctly, kids become very disciplined individuals. That's certainly not a bad thing. The ability to defend one's self is also not a bad thing. As a parent, I would highly recommend it.

  • Nope

  • No, all children should receive basic combat trainings

    Posted by: Mineva
  • I am going on my ninth year in Judo, I started when I was in third grade.

  • It can be dangerous but it is taught to be used in self-defense so I don't think it's dangerous to be taught to kids.

  • I am 11 and do judo and it is not dangrous

    Posted by: Yazza
  • no problem,if children love..

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madness says2014-06-02T05:39:43.9327088-05:00
More harm has come to children in a Catholic church than in a Dojo.
Craighawley215 says2014-06-02T08:54:07.3041637-05:00

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