• Yes

  • No

57% 20 votes
43% 15 votes
  • Marvel has created a unique set of superheroes with realistic back stories and amazing plots. DC also has some great Superheroes but they aren't as "Super" as they are realistic. Marvels superheroes are very well thought up and give meaning to the phrase "SuperHero". At least that is my opinion.

  • DC seems to rely entirely on the Gotham franchise which isn't bad in itself, but it's still as silly a premise as superman. Marvel acknowledges the sillyness of superpowers and creates characters to reflect that.

    Posted by: Duncan
  • Marvel ha a cooler name <(^.^<)

    Posted by: AceBro
  • marvel is better because i like ultron better than killer croc.

  • DC has the best heros and will crush DC if ever crossed over.

  • What do you mean by better? I am not a comic book reader, but I am still a fan of both companies. I've played many of each companies video games, watched their films, and seen many of their cartoons. I am more fan of DC because my two favorite films of all time are The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. I also think that Batman is the most badass superhero ever created, but is that not what you mean by better? If you mean "better" as in more influential or more widely recognized than DC still takes the vote because it contains the two most iconic comic book characters of all time in batman and superman. Also, the most iconic female comic book character of all time in Wonder Woman. Not to mention, that so many comic book characters Marvel has created are just rip-offs from DC. My vote goes to DC.

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Noogi93 says2014-05-30T04:28:41.2237574-05:00
Oops sorry about that mistake I meant to put DC will crush marvel.
Duncan says2014-05-30T04:45:39.6760796-05:00
Yes, the DC heroes would beat the Marvel heroes, but only because Superman is freakishly overpowered. Faster than sound, harder than metal, laser eyes, flight, x-ray vision, frost breath, super aids, his only weakness being pieces of a planet light years away and lightning from his ass. I'd say he could take every member of both the Avengers and the Justice league on by himself. Let me know if you want me to reason out the stupidity of any other DC heroes.
ELI1 says2014-05-30T11:46:38.8658873-05:00
Batman can easly take down superman he has a sute made out of criptionite
ELI1 says2014-05-30T11:47:24.3463871-05:00
Also deadpool is bad ass
Duncan says2014-05-30T18:40:08.9259050-05:00
Actually, Clark could just stand further away and use a gun too shoot Bruce, using x-ray vision to spot him and super speed to dodge his kryptonite shoots. Or travel round the world faster than light to go back in time and kill Bruce as a child.. Or kill the murderer of his parents, preventing him from ever becoming batman.
ELI1 says2014-06-02T11:11:00.9528228-05:00
Thank you
Javif says2014-08-13T18:52:18.6255442-05:00
Well I could say marvel but instill have a respect for DC because marvel has more movies and. Is going great in the movie franchise as well as in the comics, dc has better characters it just hasn't had much luck in movies other than superman and batman, which in my point of view makes people think doc is better because the movies have, well batman, which they don't reference any comics, just movies which have batman and superman, marvel is much more memorable.

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