Is meat ethical?

Posted by: clopshi

Hello everyone, this is my first poll and I will be posing an ever so popular poll which is, IS MEAT ETHICAL?

  • Yes meat is not murder and ethical

  • Meat is unethical and murder

71% 24 votes
29% 10 votes
  • There is no reason not to eat. Our bodies are adapted to eat meat. We have intestines that have enzymes that are specific to the breaking down of meat. We have canines and incisors, which are teeth that are adapted to cutting and tearing apart the tough dense sinewy flesh, A.K.A meat. Is it murder for a predator to kill its meal? No. Humans are predators. We have forward set eyes, like a predator. We have strong powerful legs for the chase, like predator. We have the ability to think and create. Humans are the ultimate predators, so no it is not unethical to eat meat.

  • Eating meat is natural and it's what animals including humans have done since the beginning of time. I don't care if you want to be a vegan or a vegetarian or whatever, but don't try and make the case that eating meat is somehow unethical.

  • Of course not, that's just a matter of personal choice. Anything that's a personal choice is your ethics. The pictures are supremely biased though....

  • First of all, biased pictures are biased. Secondly, stick your finger into your mouth. Feel those fangs? You know why they're there? Not for tofu.

  • Killing animals seems justifiable to me if done humanely and sparingly and only for good reasons such as for food or for depredation. Their meat should not be wasted but put to complete good use. No person should tell another what to eat. Food is a very personal choice. In order to maximize food production on the Earth for its entire population (something that we in modern times have still not mastered for everyone to be able to eat sufficiently in order to avoid malnutrition), every square acre of the Earth must be utilized. Some lands are only good for raising animals on. Goats, sheep, and cattle can graze on lands that are too inferior for crops to grow on. Fishes and seafood are necessary as a supplement to land crops and land animals in some places. We must utilize the entire Earth to properly feed everyone upon it.

  • meat is delicious good job guys the others are vegetarian

  • We are animals. Does a wolf ask if it is ethical before hunting the rabbit? No. We are a species determined to fulfill its survival needs. Yes, certain precautions should be taken as far as selectivity and moderation, but this is nature. No matter how evolved we are, the moral imperative is the survival of our species. Not of others. That being said, I hate animal abuse and cruelty. There is a difference between the consumption of meat and cruelty, no matter how often they seem to correlate in the food industry.

  • No but it tastes good

    Posted by: basils
  • How the heck can humans tolerate the extreme inhumane kind of treatment. They even teach their kids to be cruel to animals and that it's unethical to refuse being cruel to animals. Those flippin dairy farmers are felons and serial killers. And quit justifying meat eating by your religion, because it is not our right to assume animals have no rights and/or to act like if it was that way. Senselessness and love don't mix. Saying sexism and racism is wrong but that speciesism is okay is flippin hypocritical. Psychologists studies were only based on born humans. They don't care about non-human animals and unborn sentient beings. They are literally pro-choice almost 100%. FYI: even though their are no psychological evidence that corporal punishment does more good than bad, some people that support corporal punishment say that there are lots of psychological studies that corporal punishment is an effective discipline. I am sure that is probably what they teach in North Korea's, Singapore's, and Malaysia's schools. They are the top closed minded countries. Humans are taught that it's fascism not condoning animal cruelty. That's not fascism. Let me clarify it. It's a push for full equality. In a vegan speech, the speaker said that even carnivores don't really need meat, but that the right set of plants make them stronger and healthier and says humans aren't carnivores but herbivores. Look it up on You Tube.

  • There is nothing ethical about murdering another living, breathing being to eat when there are other options available. I've been vegetarian for a little over a year now, so no, one does not need meat to survive.

  • i think that cows or pigs or any meat source have the same potential as any life including ours

    Posted by: wuper
  • It is not right to kill an animal that experiences suffering, emotion, and a degree of consciousness.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-08-04T00:09:34.6713067Z
Meat itself has got nothing to do with ethics. The question is, is eating meat ethical? Also, I think you've swapped the pictures of the two choices.
briantheliberal says2015-08-04T05:11:28.6478003Z
The earliest humans were primary scavengers before making the transition to hunter-gatherers and taking control of agriculture. Eating meat is ethical and part of who we are.
evielovesrocknroll says2015-08-04T15:03:29.9790285Z
I know meat is murder & I really want to become a vegetarian, but it's so difficult. :( Plus, I'm going into culinary arts soon, so I can't really afford to go meatless. At least I AM beginning to cut back on meat.
PericIes says2015-08-15T08:23:29.1308118Z
Meat is not murder. Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. I mean, if you're eating human meat, then I may withdraw my argument. However, I doubt that you are doing so.
face1995 says2015-08-15T16:18:28.1574540Z
The definition of murder is not unlawful killing of one human by another. Its definition is wrongful killing of any sentient being. So if you or anyone kill someone for defense purpose if and only if it was absolutely necessary, then it's not murder. If an bear attacks a human for meat, it's murder as well obviously. Look it up in the dictionary, although it will just say wrongful killing of another person or killing of another person. I think person though is any sentient being. Person is not a synonym for human.
PericIes says2015-08-20T05:01:37.3909836Z
Person is not, in theory, synonym for human. However, humans are the only beings that we are aware of that are sentient enough to be considered people.
mwedwards says2015-08-21T01:25:17.5481726Z
@face: Definition of murder: 1. "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another."
PericIes says2015-08-21T02:28:34.4978683Z
@mwedwards Yeah, he said that that wasn't the definition before gong on to say that it was the definition, but it didn't mean what it said. I don't even know.
REDtrojan says2016-02-24T08:34:21.3330185Z
WAIT 1 MINUTE WAIT 1 FREAKIN MINUTE. I ABHOR THIS VERY TOPIC. This question itself is unethical, how can you even question if meat is ethical. That's like asking "Is it right for rainbows to have color?", "Does the Sun really need to shine?", "Is Micheal Jordan really Bald or is he just tryin to look cool", "Is air itself really a good thing or is it just waiting for a chance when we need it just to finally blackmail us into doing what it really wants us to do.....TO BREATH 0_0" c'mon people
s9088624 says2016-04-11T19:32:14.9837269Z
Meat should be ethical to eat meat cause your made out of it and u don't know if vegetables are meat, some are

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