Is Miley Cyrus Stupid?

Posted by: HiJackedGaming

With her new song and video "Wrecking Ball."

  • No

  • Yes

34% 28 votes
66% 55 votes
  • 'stupid' would be an improvement for her at this point

  • If Miley Cyrus is stupid, then anyone who had ever made a mistake is stupid. She may be making some stupid decisions, but that doesn't mean she is. Miley is just going through a hard time right now. However hopefully she will learn from these mistakes and start making better choices in the future.

  • Miley Cyrus is advancing her career in the best way she possibly could. Madonna did the exact same thing and is now currently the highest paid celebrity in show business. Miley's actions are anything but "stupid".

    Posted by: dhearn
  • I think Miley might just be experiencing growing up in a way that doesn't make sense all the time, but who can say that they didn't act out here and there? Of course we can say that she did some silly dance on television but we should be thanking our good luck that we didn't have a camera recording our less-awesome moments. I don't consider acting out of control to be a viable option for music career advancement nor would I consider Miley 'brilliant' like many have called her for her performance at the VMA's and all the controversy it created. but instead just a kind of standard person surrounded by glitz, glam and fame her whole life and was itching to shake her teeny-bop star past for a more grown-up (I know) public entity. No, she isn't stupid even if I don't lean toward the outrage-for-attention zone.

  • She has made some stupid decisions, but she isnt stupid. She is living life, her own life. people need to just deal with that.

  • true, stupid would be an improvement for her by now!

  • I don't think Miley Cyrus is stupid, she's just someone who's starting to objectify herself too much. "We Can't Stop" includes lyrics about being in strip clubs, doing 'line' in the bathroom, and her music video for "Wrecking Ball" shows her swinging around on a wrecking ball, but she's naked for no apparent reason. Not stupid, just becoming a bad role model and doing controversial things that are just controversial and not really innovative or provocative.

    Posted by: Werdna
  • no hell no

    Posted by: Meliya
  • No, just a... well... can't say it.

  • I'm not sure what she is actually thinking inside. I can't judge whether she is stupid or not. Maybe she might be mentally sick or something... idk

  • its really sad

    Posted by: yay842
  • Absolutely, over the edge.

    Posted by: leojm
  • I like the song but the video was just ...

  • Truly sad, but she's gone down hill.

  • I miss the innocence of Hannah Montana....she's just....gone down the Britney Spears route.

  • Shocking things gain shocking amounts of attention. She isn't doing all of these things because she's "expressing herself", she's doing them because it gives her more publicity. Without it, she would just be another celebrity trying to gain more fame.

    Posted by: Scoots
  • Yes, she may be acting this way because that is who she is, but even in that case she is still stupid.

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Buddamoose says2013-09-16T20:14:32.9023579-05:00
I agree with ima,"stupid" is entirely too nice of a descriptor
nessundorma0 says2013-09-19T16:37:57.4309096-05:00
Her ?? I still don't know probably without her new costumes , her bling on the left hand and the new make up she is still very immature ....But her manager is the real question to me.
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T16:25:16.2550348-05:00
I agree with imabench
Alight says2013-10-14T01:28:08.8799588-05:00
I'mma sit outside of this one (cause this is a really hard choice) i don't like her new image but that doesn't mean she stupid
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-22T13:10:52.0913212-05:00
She isn't stupid. She's on crack.

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