• Yes

  • No

63% 22 votes
37% 13 votes
  • How could Minecraft not be overrated? It has many forums and blogs, is on most Youtube gaming channels, has countless parodies of animations and songs, and people worship it like it is the second coming of Christ. Not to mention, it also has more mods than an EA game has unfinished content. If a game get this damn popular, you would probably think something like "Hey, this game must have a huge amount of content, a great story, and amazing game-play." Believe me, I fell for this trap. It isn't as amazing as people say it is. The game-play is.. well MINE and CRAFT (Why with the puns Notch?). There isn't a big amount of content compared to other games. There is no story unless you count mining for obsidian so you can fight a dragon in hell as a story. Oh and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE COMMUNITY. The community is ranging from under 12-year olds screaming at everyone doesn't think Minecraft isn't the best game ever to 40+ year olds making Mineporn. You heard me right, Minecraft porno. This is supposed to be a family-friendly game and we have people making pixelated porn. WHY?!? Are we trying to make Minecraft into Custer's Revenge?!? This is why I believe that Minecraft is overrated.

  • Its a good game, but very overrated! I mean, I used to love it and play it a lot but it defiantly isn't better than like Uncharted, it is good at being kid friendly, but yeah its overrated

  • It's overrated but I understand why. Although I feel that terraria is better and minecraft just overshadows it. But i you compare the two, you'll see terraria has more content altogether. This is the reason why I think minecraft is overrated.

  • It doesn't mean it's a bad game, even if it's overrated.

  • yup

  • my name jeff

  • I thought wwe was Bras?

  • Minecraft is, quite frankly, a simple game. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and accessibility. Therefore, it shouldn't be considered as overrated. While it seems silly for people to approve a graphically poor game, think of how much entertainment it has brought to users.

  • Minecraft was quite overrated, admittedly, but now it has fallen into a state in which it's cool to hate.

  • Yes, it is a true phenomenon that Minecraft has achieved such a tremendous success. However, it does not make Minecraft overrated. Unlike the majority of best-selling games, Minecraft didn't need a cutting-edge tech or mammoth marketing budget to become what it is today. It broke the market of linear and boring games with one simple idea - build and modify whatever you want.

  • I would say no, but with a qualifier. Minecraft is an extremely flexible game that rewards creativity, exploration and imagination and allows gamers of all ages and types to make it an experience unique to them. It's hard to call something like that overrated. That said, the game ballooned from a small, quirky, addicting little project beloved by a few million fans into a worldwide pop culture industry with toys, books, and all kinds of ancillary products oversaturing just about every market everywhere. For most fans, it's not a big deal (even if the game itself is starting to drift away from what it once was). For most non-fans, it's too much. I think that the game earned its landmark success, but I totally understand why people would be sick to death of hearing about it.

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shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-25T04:46:59.3526871Z
Also NanoSearch, I love pixelated graphics as long as you can tell what something or someone is.
shawnmccaul22 says2016-12-26T18:07:50.8350876Z
Its not as overrated as it used to be, but still overrrated to me
EternalFlame says2017-01-02T22:07:05.2619155Z
Shawn, the content Minecraft has is infinite. It has hundreds of high-quality community modifications and dozens of optimized mod packs.
shawnmccaul22 says2017-01-03T01:11:24.1581021Z
Nothing is really confirmed to be "infinite". There is only a large amount of mods. Also, for the last time, MODS ARE NOT THE GAME unless approved to be in the actual game. I do enjoy Minecraft, but I KNOW it does not have infinite content.

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