Is Modern Feminism Sexist

Posted by: YukiHayashi777

Do you consider modern Feminism to be anti Men or for equal rights

31 Total Votes

Modern Feminism is Sexist

24 votes

Modern Feminism isn't sexist

7 votes
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Anonymous says2016-10-08T04:21:42.8947126Z
Maybe men don't like being portrayed as rapists constantly and being falsely accused of rape.
illyoboe23 says2017-05-24T03:29:47.1616086Z
For all of you out there, stop complaining about "feminism" being called "feminism" when it's supposedly gender equality. HIStory. MANkind. The world is male dominated. Also, I personally don't think it should be called "feminism". I think it should be called, I don't know, common sense or something.

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