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No, money is not the source of all evil!

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Yes, money is the source of all evil!

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BrendanD19 says2016-06-25T03:06:49.4435921Z
The love of money, not money itself.
maslow says2016-06-25T23:00:58.0734756Z
No, coporate capitalism is.
Crede says2016-06-26T01:55:13.2750281Z
I'd say communism is worse than corporate capitalism.
Crede says2016-06-26T01:55:35.3959699Z
I'd say communism is worse than corporate capitalism.
triangle.128k says2016-06-26T02:29:39.7734748Z
@Crede Anything's better than Communsim
Ryan_Steel says2016-11-18T07:18:22.5619405Z
The root of all evil is the will to do evil. Everything beyond that (money, fascism, etc.) is simply an instrument for the will of the conduit. A better thing to ponder, in my opinion, would be if evil truly exists, and if so, can anyone be truly evil/good or rather a mix of the two.
mandert2000 says2019-09-02T11:52:09.0031424Z
Money is now a tool used by the wealthy greedy elites top 1% & their government cronies to enslave and control the masses bottom 99%. Current monetary system is totally broken with all the bad debts and unrealistic stock market futures which is out of touch with reality and news. Excessive greed at the top 1% and massive income inequality. Greedy unrealistic lazy older fat cat bosses and tech replacements No job security for younger workers, Global wide competition, Tech automation replacing good paying jobs. In office corporate worlds, Excessively greedy old rich fat-cat bosses with too high expectations on their employees, Creating extreme work pressure with unpaid overtime leading to overwork death Karoshi and very high staff turnover rate, While abusing low-paying internship and offshore consultancy. Workers have put in all the extra efforts with unpaid overtime in weekends and late shifts, But workers STILL get fired or laid off due to company restructuring or whatever excuses the greedier bosses decides on. There is no wonder why birth rates are continuing to decline in developed & more educated western nations. It is a race to the bottom for the bottom 99%, Unless a revolution starts to topple & lynch the top 1%, And reduce wealth inequality.

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