Is monogamy, which goes against natural polyamory, a society trap which happened by creating paternity to build wealth secured families while using the poor as slaves or, well, modern day slaves?

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No. Monogamy is one crucial way in which civilization instills responsibility and personal accountability in people.

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"One man, one woman" is unnatural. Humans like nearly all of the other mammals are naturally polygamous and to be a human and practice monogamous unnatural according to appeal to nature argument.

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Yes, I have broken my instilled paradigms and feel free'd by knowing the truth

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Jingram994 says2014-04-08T06:31:19.3747368-05:00
What's even the point of this? Are humans naturally polyamorous now? You'd think if monogamy was just a cultural thing that it wouldn't be pretty much pan-cultural.

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