Is MRA a Hate Group or Support Group?

Posted by: evielovesrocknroll

MRA stands for "Men's Rights Activist," for those of you who don't know. To be honest, I've been hearing more harm than good about these particular groups.

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TBR says2015-08-06T17:41:45.7044771Z
Its a blanket term for a lot of groups. The majority are not very good. Where there are a scant few issues that can be addressed, the majority seems to be bitter men.
TBR says2015-08-06T17:42:31.1163682Z
I am unwilling to call them all hate groups, but I also can't give you one instance I would call a net benefit to anyone.
PericIes says2015-08-06T18:55:12.7845252Z
Biased picture is biased.
Mister_Man says2015-08-07T03:12:43.8240135Z
People are quick to jump on the "omg they don't like feminism, they're anti-equality and hate women" bandwagon, so I'm not surprised a bunch of mindless libtard bigots consider MRA's to be hate-filled or a hateful group.
Wylted says2015-08-07T06:08:48.0803511Z
Neither, just some idiots with no lives, just like the feminazis they are a reaction of.
Wylted says2015-08-07T06:10:33.5338581Z
Oh ignore that. I TJOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT MGOW. Men's rights groups are okay, the courts sometimes favor the women in custody battles, so men could use an organization like that for support.

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