Is multiculturalism white genocide?

Posted by: BlargArgNarg

Don't vote on that last one I made, I switched the answers.

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No, multiculturalism is fine.

26 votes

Yes, the whites are being wiped out

12 votes
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triangle.128k says2016-11-19T05:24:46.1841878Z
It's a bad thing but nowhere near genocide...
ChechnoNorwegian says2016-11-19T13:55:01.7038175Z
Whites prefer to feed non whites instead of making and raising white children. If whites become a minority, it is our own fault
Fernyx says2016-11-19T19:58:51.9965275Z
I would not call it white genocide, but I would say that it is a plan doomed to fail due to conflicts in culture. Specifically it could kill western culture which would be dangerous.
reece says2016-11-20T01:22:10.6428770Z
Culture isn't determined by skin color. There will be both white genocide and black genocide. It's an inevitability.
reece says2016-11-20T01:23:04.9156249Z
I forgot to put them in quotes.
triangle.128k says2016-11-20T02:01:39.5804624Z
Also, black and white fallacy.
Black-Jesus says2016-11-21T19:22:35.1236348Z
So are we going off of the contemporary English definition of "genocide"? Then no, even if white people eventually "go extinct" because they intermarry with other races, that isn't genocide. Now, if Asians herded white people into death camps based on their race and murdered them, then that would be genocide. And you people act like the phasing out of a race is a bad thing. Why? Why would the elimination of all race be bad? Racial boundaries and racial pride is both stupid and arbitrary.
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-26T15:13:00.9149373Z
So what I meant by genocide was the eventual disappearance of white people. Not Hitler style genocide.
triangle.128k says2016-11-26T16:30:15.1118435Z
@BlargArgNarg It's still utterly stupid to say that you can't oppose multiculturalism for other reasons, and believing that it's genocide is the only reason to oppose multiculturalism.

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