Is music a universal language?

Posted by: krm26

Would you consider music to be a universal language?

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Music is a universal language.

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No Game No Life

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Heterodox says2016-08-19T10:37:51.9368912Z
Due to a lack of a "No" option, I will simply respond here. No. I don't believe music is a universal language. What you get out of any particular piece of music is subjective.
unicornpoop says2016-12-26T03:57:10.6183091Z
Music differs by country, culture, etc. but I agree that it is a universal language. For instance, I am a violinist and traveled to a country a few years back where I did not speak their language. Yet, the orchestra I visited played Shostakovich, which is a name known throughout the classical world. I didn't speak a word of their language, but yet we were all able to it down and read the same music. So in that regard, it absolutely is.

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