• Yes

  • No

93% 28 votes
7% 2 votes
  • Definitely. Art is something made by someone, music is written by people, music can take you on a journey.

  • You must not know the def, if you chose no XD

  • Yea. but you can have bad art

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Why wouldn't it be art? Music is one of the basic arts that have ever existed. Music has all the key components for it to be called art. Plus, you can make art from anything pretty much.

    Posted by: 0FOver
  • The dictionary definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power" which is what music is, no matter how many electronics are used.

  • my favourite quote is "all art aspires to the condition of music" Walter Pater. It is the most directly accessible art form. It moves people almost universally even in it's most abstract form. People do not hesitate to have favourites and confidently will call music they hate 'bad music'. In painting most people are so unsure of what they should or shouldn't like they look around for an expert to tell them.

  • I think music is a type of art, as it combines expression and creation. However, I disagree commercial music is, as its sole purpose is money. Also, any kind of music can be art (There are many people who state that certain genres of music should not be considered) if it comes from the artist's heart. :)

  • Some belive commercial music isn't art, then how about commercial arts? Thery aren't arts?

    Posted by: Ziuu
  • Of course music is art. Using sounds as a form of expression is very much art. Most people think of the visual arts when they hear "Art" There is also the culinary arts. There are many ways to express yourself.

  • Art is art, music is music. Though they can make you feel similarly, they could not physically be any more different.

  • I do not consider most commercial music to be art. The term "Western Art Music" applies to music written in the classical tradition. Art Music has a strong focus on craft, technique and expression. While rap or pop may have expression (limited), it has little in the way of craft and technique. As such, I see it as a vernacular product as opposed to an artistic object. In summary, some music is art but most is not; it depends on the purpose.

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