• Yes, neoliberalism is an outdated philosophy that wouldn't work in modern society

  • No, neoliberalism still has a huge relevance in modern day society

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ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T16:17:01.5884596-05:00
Lannan, I thought you were a neoliberal
discomfiting says2014-07-13T16:19:50.9555959-05:00
When a conservative sees the word "liberal" they just say no, even though their ideology is based off of neoliberalism. They don't know what it means, they just assume it's bad because they see the word "liberal".
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T16:22:22.5428596-05:00
American liberals are actually somewhat conservative in other countries. For example, conservatives in other nations are anti interventionalist, pro economic interventionalism, ect. Whereas liberals in other countries support extreme personal liberties (conservatives here don't), low interventions, ect.
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T16:23:12.7902860-05:00
discomfiting says2014-07-13T16:38:07.9702931-05:00
Yea I know :p That's why I made sure i said "American conservatives". I was talking about politics with my friend from AUS and I said I'm liberal and they got so confused because of the differences in the meanings. :P New left & modern liberalism is what i mean.
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T16:39:57.4821843-05:00
The Australian liberal party is actually libertarian
discomfiting says2014-07-13T16:45:26.7177776-05:00
It's not an improvement from the GOP...
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T18:15:51.8783213-05:00
Another conservative said yes, lol
Jaynedough1959 says2014-07-13T19:58:21.3232177-05:00
Actually it is neo Marxism
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T20:01:41.8386599-05:00
No it's not. It's absolute economic liberty
ChosenWolff says2014-07-13T20:02:21.5484795-05:00

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