• Yes

  • No

20% 4 votes
80% 16 votes
  • Nintendo has many successful games right now and many on the way. It is better to take your time on a game than to rush it and get a really crappy game

  • Nintendo is still going strong. Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, etc.

  • The Nintendo fandom right now is easily stronger than any other gaming fandom their is right now. Play Station has Kingdom Hearts and that's about it. Xbox has Minecraft. but any game I'm truly excited to see come out is usually owned by Nintendo

  • This is pretty much the first time they've had a failure in the video game industry. In 30 years. They have enough money to make losses for over half a century. Nintendo also has a massive fan base- Wii U simply did not get advertised enough, since most previous Nintendo users have never heard of the Wii U, and upon being told about it, really want to get it (from personal experience.)

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ClashnBoom says2015-06-19T10:24:29.0757332-05:00
After this year's E3 they will be close to it.

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