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NRA is not bad.Don't blame it on guns.Guns don't kill people,people kill people.

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NRA group are to blame on all tragic mass shooting that happen in USA.It should be banned because they advertise citizen to carry guns.Citizen should not own a gun because it very likely that they could misused it.

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Vox_Veritas says2016-03-17T22:25:20.4537571Z
Guns have existed in large quantities in America for centuries; however, it has only been in recent decades that violence in this country reached such extreme levels. Guns are the enabling force of criminals but why they became criminals in the first place and whether or not our society is encouraging people to be criminals is what should be addressed.
Libertarian_Jacquelyn says2016-03-17T22:28:26.5977299Z
Exactly what Vox said is right on the dot. You cannot have a society ban guns, the issue is that people who break laws will not follow the precedent of laws restricting their ability to exercise lawless degenerate life. They are criminals for a reason, and if we can set them straight, the need for a gun driven by desire for crime will greatly reduce.
BrendanD19 says2016-03-17T23:59:46.9090471Z
I hate these questions with the long winded overly specific answers
Black-Jesus says2016-03-18T05:04:40.5810046Z
This is a false dichotomy. I'm not against the idea of an NRA, out there promoting gun use for recreation or hunting or self defense or whatever have you, but the NRA now, I don't support because it's being run by brainless morons and rednecks.
stephannoi says2016-03-19T20:44:21.1712664Z
Look at how many mass shooting happen in america? Guns should not be in the hand of citizen because they could misused it.
stephannoi says2016-03-19T20:46:15.9724023Z
And NRA seems not care anything about the safety of the school public and welfare of children.
stschiffman says2016-03-19T21:03:38.4015367Z
@stephannoi Look at all the car accidents in the United States. Should we outlaw citizens from owning cars? Look at all the intoxication in the United States. Should we outlaw citizens from owning alcohol?
stschiffman says2016-03-19T21:05:51.4885491Z
@stephannoi Banning something does not take it away from the black market. Did banning alcohol stop men like Al Capone from making it? Is the war on drugs preventing cartels from making it? So, why do you believe outlawing guns will be more successful.
PurpleRainbow says2016-04-07T03:50:38.7085798Z
We should get rid of speed limits. It's not like they'll stop speeders anyway.
stephannoi says2016-04-22T05:42:42.9753111Z
I am strongly dissapointed that majority of you don't have any objection against the NRA.NRA should be banned in america !!!!!!It's merely a corrupted organisation !!!!!
stephannoi says2016-04-22T05:44:18.5259236Z
Wake up people !!!!
The_Anarchist says2016-05-02T00:32:18.9060415Z
Cities should have their own rights to bear arms... I don't know why but this topic interests me because The current president of the United States lived in Chicago, being specifically a city this seems to be a huge deal because not only he grew up in the biggest ones of firearm violence. The ironic part about it is he has actually challenged the NRA. The only problem I see with gun violence is with the social media promoting it through radical commercials. Some people who live in small midwest towns know how to handle their firearms a lot better than MOST people in major metropolis where gang violence happen and have less experience and time due to inner city law forbidding the firing of a handgun or long rifle. Its an idea called "State laws" or "States rights".
Jerbot77 says2016-06-29T05:46:20.8997474Z
Gun violence is mostly a demographic, cultural and mental health issue, not a physical issue of legally-owned guns existing. Leave the NRA and law abiding gun owners alone.

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