Is Obama a traitor?

Posted by: giraffelover

Do you think Obama is a traitor?

  • Yes, he's against the constitution he swore to protect

  • No, he's not against it

39% 14 votes
61% 22 votes
  • He was going to give info to Russia on our MISSLE DEFENCE! HOW IS HE NOT A TRAITOR?

  • Of course he is a traitor. He allowed spying of Americans, tried to pass a law which allowed military person to arrest citizens protesting the war in Afghanistan, tried to pass unconstitutional gun laws, and has supported drone bombings which have led to thousands of innocent people's deaths.

    Posted by: USN276
  • Has anyone watched SOTU 2014? He says he "doesn't need Congress to act."

  • he's un-American thats for sure

  • If Obama was as bad as everyone said he is, all those people saying how bad he supposedly is would be in prison or dead.

    Posted by: ChrisF
  • butthurt much?

  • Em, how exactly would he be a traitor? Please explain the allegation.

  • How is he against the constitution?

  • Not one word on the "traitor" side is factual or true, so the answer is no he is not a traitor and maybe these folks should be looking back about oh say 7-8 years at someone who actually did war crimes, crimes against humanity, and defied Jus in Bello.

  • He hasn't completely shattered the constitution like the entire right wants people to believe. However, he is still a filthy statist just like every other bureaucrat in the history of mankind.

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giraffelover says2014-04-27T15:30:59.3819480-05:00
Not necessarily. He has the protection of the government. He could be using his power to protect himself. That's why I wrote this poll. I think the ENTIRE government should be COMPLETELY accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. I want an intelligent debate to come to a good conclusion. If he's the president of the U.S., then he could write laws saying he's not ALLOWED to go to jail.
WheezySquash8 says2014-04-27T15:31:36.4767236-05:00
He sometimes makes stupid decisions, but he is not a traitor.
discomfiting says2014-04-27T15:47:42.7728628-05:00
Obama can try to give russian missile defence codes but Reagan can commit high treason and that's okay? Committing the crime is not worse than just conspiring to? Lmao.
discomfiting says2014-04-27T15:49:25.4843480-05:00
And protecting the constitution? I mean come on. Not a single president ever ever protected the constitution. Every president has screwed over the constitution's intended meaning by manipulating the vague wording.
ChrisF says2014-04-27T15:56:50.4119480-05:00
@USN276 - 1) The spying on Americans is a result of the USA PATRIOT Act, which was passed under George W Bush. 2) That's been happening in pretty much every war the US has been in. 3) Several other very popular presidents have actually committed high treason (i.E. Ronald Reagan), and have been praised any way.
giraffelover says2014-04-27T15:58:36.3827480-05:00
If Reagan committed high treason, he should have been held responsible. But if Obama tried to give Russian Missile Defense Codes, that is up to you to decide if Obama giving defense codes counts as Obama being a traitor. Btw, I was unable to find a source saying Obama gave these codes. I would withdraw my case on the Should Obama be punished for giving Russia secrets about nuclear weapons, but I don't know how to do that. Could someone please tell me or is it too late?
discomfiting says2014-04-27T15:59:09.1925800-05:00
The only source i could find was faux news
Duncan says2014-04-27T16:42:04.8743480-05:00
Does this poll imply that any detrimental action a politician makes, intentional or accidental, is akin to high treason? We'd have a lot more impeachment if unpopular decisions were treasonous ones.
giraffelover says2014-04-27T16:43:59.1599480-05:00
No. This poll only asks if Obama thinks he's above the Constitution.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-27T18:41:19.7784410-05:00
What congress does is somehow always put on the president. Blame it on Senator Randy, the rel cause of your ills.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-27T18:42:53.3784410-05:00
Conservative101, you do realize he doesn't, right? Its called executive order, so take it up with congress.
PreferNotToBeLabeled says2014-04-27T23:16:57.1356410-05:00
Seriously guys, I'm not even going to waste my time on deaf ears about this one. Peoples opinions toward Obama are stone cold set. The conservative notion of him is not going to change. I'm just going to ride this one out till the next election.
discomfiting says2014-04-28T17:36:20.1038270-05:00
@jif you can't expect a conservative to know the more basic things about our government.
giraffelover says2014-04-28T22:29:40.9902000-05:00
That's not using facts to support your case, discomfiting. Or do you HAVE facts?
SSGJoeBiggs says2014-04-29T17:13:41.6489060-05:00
They're taking away our bill of rights a little bit at a time. What happened to a free press, freedom of speech, privacy, the right to bear arms. NSA spies on us. Barrett Browns in jail for sharing a link. Journos who speak out on corruption are automatically tagged as traitors or conspiracy theorists. Everyone has a hand held telescreen. The only way to defeat a real "1984" is another "1776" minus the violence. People should be pissed of at the raping of our constitution. Americans need to wake up to the lies and start giving a damn like they used too. There are ways of peacfully standing up to corruption in our government

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