Is obama the worse president?

Posted by: andrewjohnvogel2001

Is he with his Obama care?

21 Total Votes

No, he is great!

13 votes

Yes, he so sucks!

8 votes
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Kc1999 says2014-05-29T16:42:34.7934414-05:00
Not the worse. I mean like Bush wasn't any better was he?
briantheliberal says2014-05-29T17:02:31.1754616-05:00
I doubt it considering Bush was worse than he was.
iDestroyWithDragons says2014-05-29T17:46:33.1416666-05:00
Shut up you dipsticks
ararmer1919 says2014-05-31T23:06:23.7152538-05:00
Mediocre. Not the worst. Definitely no where near the best. Neither of the options available fit that. And please tell me Briantheliberal how Bush was worse then Obama? Then again your name says it all.

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