Is our Government doing enough to combat ISIS?

Posted by: KadeDaBabe

The U.S. Government has been doing few attacks on ISIS including a few airstrikes. Do you think this is enough to combat a group who has devoted there lives to kill everyone or do you think we should do more?

  • Yes we are doing enough

  • No we need to do more because they are a serious threat

16% 5 votes
84% 26 votes
  • Well, the government kind of is doing all they can. What ISIS wants is a huge war of Muslims against Christians. Why would we want that to happen for them? What we need to do is take them down slowly but surely, or start a full on war against them, risking the lives of many, and giving ISIS what it wants.

  • We're dropping close to 30,000 bombs a year, and we're killing thousands of civilians while doing it. We're not only doing enough, we're doing way too much.

    Posted by: benhos
  • The problem with a terrorist organisation such as IS, is they don't really have a true HQ. There are thousands of them dotted all around the globe, sure we know the main countries in which they operate (Syria, Iraq etc.) but to mount a full scale invasion of these countries would make the situation a lot worse. Terrorist groups would use the invasion as a recruiting tool tool, and a propagate that the west is waging war on Islam. The best approach is to cut off their flow of money... and IS have got a hell of a lot of it, I'm talking hundreds of millions, they are among the richest terrorist organisations in history. They accumulated this vast wealth through robberies, kidknapping for ransom, and sales of religious relics among other things, but the biggest source of income they have is... you guessed it! Oil. IS have control of hundreds of oil fields across the Levant, they sell it all on the black market. So the logical approach would be to bomb the oil fields - (which is being done) fund the appropriate counter forces of IS (which is kinda being done...) and increase security in the western world to foil terrorist attacks (which is being done). In conclusion, there is not much more that can be done.

  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, making ISIS the fastest growing terrorist group in the world. We need to prioritize the fighting of ISIS, and stop appeasing them. It won't be enough until they start to break down.

  • If you consider funding them doing enough to combat them, then yes.

    Posted by: Snazzy
  • Absolutely not. Our president won't even identify them properly. If we sent in soldiers to combat them face to face they wouldn't stand a chance.

  • It is a problem in our society, and all we think about is making our borders more secure. I believe offense is the best defense, and to defend our country we need to do more to help the cause.

  • No, The West should invade, and torture every f├ąck*** last one of them, so they learn a lesson

  • Again, we have ourselves in a war where we cannot just destroy the entire area where they exist. ISIS hides behind civilians or their own women and children. ISIS would not exist if our hands weren't tied. It is not like being in a war against another nation. If Iran however, fires a nuke at the USA we can eliminate the entire nation of Iran.

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TheGuyWhosThoughtsYouHear says2016-10-18T16:07:53.1946551Z
I want to punch you all in your mental faces...
Falperolf says2016-10-28T15:23:36.2782137Z
If the politician have their way we will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light and let darkness descend. Are we are not part of this world? Tell me, my friends, when did we let evil become stronger than us?

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