Is parents responsibility decreasing?

Posted by: ben671176

Since tons of kids are having sex, taking drugs, flunking out of college, talking back to peers, et cetera.

  • Yes, the parents should take responsibility and make their own children reponsible.

  • No, kids should learn to be responsible the hard way.

83% 5 votes
17% 1 votes
  • There is no universal answer on how to raise a child-- every child is different needs a unique system of negative and positive repercussions of their actions along with the ability to make their own decisions, whether you as a parent believe they are bad or good and let them make their own mistakes. My general opinion is that parents need to take responsibility for doing things like teaching their children right vs wrong and let the child make their decisions from there. Telling a kid 'do whatever' is bad parenting and giving them room to make their own decisions despite your opinion and being there if it goes wrong, is good parenting. A responsible parent doesn't mean a controlling parenting, it means a parent that sets helps and loves their child.

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reece says2014-07-29T17:20:04.5791772-05:00
"Since tons of kids are having sex" depends if they have any protection. "taking drugs" depends on what sort of drugs (it's alright to experiment) "flunking out of college" yeah i think it's on the rise. "talking back to peers" kids have always done that.
JasperFrancisShickadance says2014-07-29T17:44:09.4633629-05:00
Depends where you are talking about.
ben671176 says2014-07-29T17:54:33.5845650-05:00
Yeah, I just posted this because I hate how everyone always crap about Athiesm and Thesim and I want something to change.
SweetTea says2014-07-30T05:22:00.6414896-05:00
"... Having sex, taking drugs, flunking out of college, talking back to peers, ..." There is NOTHING new in that statement. Every generation does some rebelling. I'm 54 and that was going on, when I was a teen. In fact, the sex and drug-use part was probably more rampant in the 70's than today. Teen pregnancy was much higher. College drop-outs were as common as draft-dodgers, especially after Vietnam ended. A parent's responsibility does not wane, no matter the social environment. By law, a child under 18 is the responsibility of their parent. If the parent cannot handle that, there's social services or juvenile detention. It's just that simple and teen angst has been around forever!

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