Is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton manipulating the press?

Posted by: Rezamee

  • Yes she is.

  • No she isn't.

71% 15 votes
29% 6 votes
  • she is a known criminal in her time as secretary of course she will brake rules to make herself seem better

    Posted by: mookow
  • Maybe manipulating is the wrong word. The press is already calling the primary over even though Bernie only needs 58 percent of the remaining delegates. The media is definitely in bed with her.

  • She and Bill Steamroll anyone who gets in their way..both like power and both fear to lose such power...I think that all the skeletons should be brought out in the open before voters decide whom they will pick

  • If she had the power to manipulate anything dont you think shed have used it on her husband to keep it in his pants?....

  • I don't think that she is manipulating the media, I'm pretty sure that it's a case of the owners of the media outlets, also own Hillary.

  • nonesense, people are so gullible for believing this

    Posted by: A1tre
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