Is Psychedelia more peaceful than the real world?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

Many people who constantly do drugs get transported to a strange world I like to call Psychedelia! This world is more vibrant, more hypnotic, and more dreamy than the real world but one question remains! Is it more peaceful than the real world?

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Yes, Psychedelia is more peaceful than the real world!

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No, Psychedelia is not more peaceful than the real world!

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PetersSmith says2016-06-27T18:27:10.7712283Z
Don't do drugs, like seriously.
Kreakin says2016-06-27T23:20:54.5503264Z
Bad trips can mess you up for life, but generally trips are beautiful experiences. The answer is "both" depending. Take LSD and watch a horror film and you are in big trouble, sit in a light room with friends chilling to happy tunes and it's cool. But seriously, don't risk it, your sense of perception is altered permanently by LSD, you are never quite you again.
Foodiesoul says2016-06-28T01:50:34.3671186Z
@PetersSmith Calm down. I'm not on drugs!

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