Is questioning societal norms, double standards, etc by specific scenarios and similar ones in many/every setting (by the same user posting several poll questions) trolling and worthy of being deleted?

Posted by: face1995

I ask this because I used to be questioning norms and double standards that basically attack sexism accepted as the norm about 2 years ago (this is my first post in DDO since March 2015), and about 5-7 people were calling me troll, flagging my polls, and the polls mod was abusing her power and deleting the ones that deeply questioned the norms that if that norm got conquered/eliminated, at some would feel disturbed. One very young lady would even say things like "Stop it. It really is that simple."

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I'm not sure

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DrCereal says2017-09-04T22:31:24.6650505Z
What? I can't understand what you've written.
ryjamdonly says2017-09-05T17:48:52.4814262Z
Me neither oops

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