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TRDebates says2018-05-30T07:17:43.4714380Z
Rap music isn't bad. In fact, you should introduce your child to it. Learning curse words doesn't affect a person. "But what about the violence?" The violence in rap music is severely toned down. Quit being Natalie's mom from Everything, Everything and loosen up a bit.
WannaBePhoenix says2018-06-04T02:04:43.0739456Z
Rap itself isn't inherently dangerous. The problem is what people are doing with it.
nomananas says2018-08-30T02:01:58.4727852Z
Stupid as shit yes, Dangerous to the ears yes indeed
nomananas says2018-08-30T02:12:26.3727852Z
Just saying music with the word Rap is questionable. Redundant noise with someone shouting stupidity, Angry at everything and saying nothing, Except their inability to grasp the English language. Mad cause they get shot by their own, Blaming white cops really? Who are they trying to fool? 50% of all Homocides in the USA are blacks killing blacks. . Black people should be angry at their own destruction.
bullcitymack says2018-10-04T18:50:14.5058247Z
It glorifies murder and selling drugs
ZackCarr says2019-04-26T20:30:40.6799786Z
Rap can be about anything lol
eco says2019-05-14T22:21:36.7669923Z
It used to be a way for African Americans to protest for Civil Rights.
Em5206 says2019-10-18T19:56:53.9676167Z
Rap songs aren’t dangerous. Just because they talk about bad stuff doesn’t mean that people will automatically do it. The person still has the choice to follow the rapper’s example or not.

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