• Yes

  • No

48% 21 votes
52% 23 votes
  • Well it really varies. Btw I believe in the first amendment. But if you look at the times when the church ruled over countries, scientific progress was not made because there would be a conflict between science and Christianity. So it really creates ignorance. I think in some Muslim countries they ban the teaching of evolution.

  • religion holds back human progress

  • Religion is only bad when people use it as a reason to hate other people

  • Religion in and of itself is not bad for society. It only turns sour when: A) people in power use religion for no other reason than to sway people or voters to their cause. or B) The devoutness of the individual is detrimental to the well-being of others [i.e. extremist Muslims or Christians shooting up clubs or abortion clinics (respectively) because they disagree with their choices].

  • There are so many different ways to interpret a religion, and therefore it is not inherently evil. Religion only brings out who the people are; the people who want to do good use religion to justify their good acts, while those who use it for hate use it to justify their evil acts.

  • I am an agnostic atheist, and I believe that religion isn't bad for society as long as it doesn't affect or hurt others.

    Posted by: DocCZ
  • Religion is one of the leading causes of division among people. People used religion to justify the killings and slavery of other people. Not to mention the fanatics that follow religion. Religion throughout history has also tried to silence Science which would of stopped man advancing. But by all means I have nothing against people that are religious until you try and force it upon me. I am an atheist but I will become a militant atheist if religion became a threat to me.

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yellow65 says2016-07-18T12:46:30.3455352Z
You spelled religion wrong so u must be religious. Religious people are all stupid.
yellow65 says2016-07-18T12:59:39.1957919Z
Atheist society's have less crime and less war than religious society's.
NewLifeChristian says2016-07-18T13:29:00.5094823Z
No, but spelling is apparently . . .
Vox_Veritas says2016-07-18T14:43:04.2494426Z
@yellow65: If a spelling/grammar error is a sign of stupidity, then I'd like to make you aware that society's as used here should be societies instead.
Vox_Veritas says2016-07-18T14:52:20.5509556Z
Interreligious conflict aside, strong religiosity would make someone less likely to commit a crime. However, religious societies are generally more poor, not because religion breeds poverty but because whenever a society grows rich it becomes less religious. Poor societies are obviously breeding grounds for crime. In short, atheism doesn't cause low crime rates. Rather, people are usually atheists because of factors such as high socio-economic status and high levels of college education, which are associated with lower crime. Atheism is often a symptom of prosperity, not the cause, just as obesity isn't a cause of material wealth but rather a symptom.
kenikaobrien says2016-07-19T10:05:37.2335122Z
Overall yes it is in a modern society. The problem is that it's based entirely off faith without proof. It obscures peoples perception of the world & the events which transpire within it. The belief in religion creates a inherent bias towards any subject that is referenced within that religion. An example being homosexuality.
Throwback says2016-07-21T03:10:18.8553072Z
Vox_Veritas, aside from your sound argument, I want to thank you for spanking the grammar police for making a grammatical misstep. Splendid!
This_Is_Glitching says2016-10-06T09:22:18.8041081Z
@Yellow6: If all religious people are dumb, and atheism is increasing, does that mean all those who are converting to atheism are still dumb? And if they were capable of realizing that change was right, then surely they must have been smart before they became atheists. Don't generalize. Oh, and before you say I'm biased against atheism, I'm atheist, and live in the 5th least religious country in the world.

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