• Yes

  • No

55% 17 votes
45% 14 votes
  • It can help one find a moral sense they'd been looking for and give one's life more meaning. Too much is bad, but never answer a question about the General by only accounting for the Extreme.

  • Ooooh this topic is juicy. Let us Begin! 1. I am very religious and believe in God. 2. Without this belief I would be doing drugs, be in gangs, have beat up my step-siblings, and lost my virginity. The whole of religion in general(apart from very few) teach good principles that help people lead better lives, with or without the belief in God. 3.Next, I believe that God works with science and, in fact, made it. He does not go THUNDERBOLT SMASH!!!! but uses the ocean and evaporation to make clouds and the differentiation of air static to create a lightning bolt that then gets shot out. 4. People in churches are not perfect, that is the whole point. NOBODY is perfect and so religion helps us get a little better at a time. 5. As for blind following, I do not blindly follow. I have read the Bible and Book of Mormon for myself(I am Mormon) and I have done some research of my own about both and found that I believe in the message that both send. 6. Is it bad to have a belief? Even Atheists realize at times that religion, without the belief part, has good morals and teaching values. The Ten Commandments are the best example of that. It really set a future basis about what is right and wrong. Do not kill is ingrained in society. Do not steal is well known to everyone. Honor thy father and mother is becoming less popular among some but many still believe that you should honor your elders. 7. Lastly, the whole idea of religion is not bad. It gives people a purpose in life and even if not true it gives people hope about what is to come. Personally, I would be scared out of my mind if I only thought oblivion or unknown came after.

  • Of course, because it guides you to be a better person, it can help you get through your life journey here on earth.

  • Religious faith can be a good thing, but is can also lead to blind obedience to perceived religious/moral authority. Religious faith can become an intellectual crutch - an excuse not to investigate the universe because the answer must be "God wills it" and His reasons are inscrutable. By this I do NOT mean to say that religious faith is bad, only that it is neither good nor bad but can be used to promote either good or bad actions and ideas.

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