Is Roblox, Or Fortnite Better?

Posted by: cg0919

People argue about these games, So we are maxing the argument official.

  • Roblox, Is better than Fortnite, Roblox has a game exactly like fortnite.

  • Fortnite graphics are much better than roblox graphics.

70% 53 votes
30% 23 votes
  • mate roblox players get mad puss

  • fortnite is boring and we can't create our own game

    Posted by: DCTDAB
  • roblox is fun

  • I think roblox is better because fortnite is addictive and roblox is easier add me my name is RosyRoseLove_201 on roblox add me

  • Roblox is better because Fortnite is addictive and can lead to bad life choices.

  • Roblox is good and forkknife smells like ass

  • i don't play Fortnite on Roblox or anything else that game is dumb AF

  • Roblox has a lot more variety and if a game dies, There are other games to be born. While Fortnite is only a trend that is thriving on little 8 year olds buying the battle pass and V-bucks. Roblox is better long term, There are better Battle Royale games other than Fortnite anyways, But that point is only my opinion.

  • I love playing Roblox! Its way better than fortnite, Why? Because Roblox gives ppl a VARIETY of choices of games for us to play!



  • Y'all don't got Phantom Forces

  • Bruh Fortnite wack

  • you can technically play anything

  • Roblox mato “powering imagination” fortnight mato “be the last one standing by killing everyone else”

  • Roblox all the way X)

  • Robles because it leaves more room to be creative and there is less killing

  • Fortnite was fun but now the developers have ruined the game making it a poor choice to play. Roblox is way better.

  • I think Roblox is better than fortnite because of its graphics, High quality, And variety of games, It will not leads to bad life choices in the future as fortnite may, And plus the NAME OF FORTNITE SUCKS, I am trying not to be rude but do not even get me b started on the lag, Like roblox will have a little lag here and there but FORTNITE HAS IT EVERY SINGLE SECOND, Plus it will only be popular for a short amount oof time, So waisting your money on it may be a bad choice, Plus the variety of games on roblox is AMAZING and fortnite, It has like only three modes, Like, What type of quality is THAT. Also, Roblox is free, But fortnite makes you pay once every month, So it may get you bank rupt, Those are my reasons on why fortnite SUCKS and roblox RULES, Thank you for your time.

  • yes because i am Lasarbeam

  • battle royale on rob lox is a copy of fortnight and no other games are as good as their fake fortnight ones

  • Roblox is immature.

  • I think fortnite is way better. The quality is way better, And graphics. Roblox is like a 5/10 meanwhile fortnite is a 10/10.

  • Fortnite is a very good game 3rd person shooter while roblox is a 1st and 3rd person game the fact that it has a lot of boring games it is a very poor quality game it needs to stop trying to copy fortnite

  • yes it is

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Shun0120 says2019-01-13T11:41:00.4932831Z
Better fortinite
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:22:54.7107042Z
Yeah man
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:23:24.1947042Z
RoBLoX tHe WaY
CW048 says2019-01-15T15:26:12.9754312Z
Fortnite gameplay is better with smoother graphics and is NOT A COPY!
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:35:49.3131042Z
RoBlox IS WaY BeTteR
ChristianCatLover says2019-01-25T21:13:08.7223434Z
There are more games on Roblox, And Fortnite is boring anyways. I’d come up with a better explanation if this were a debate of mine, But it isn’t, Sooooo

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