Is Roblox, Or Fortnite Better?

Posted by: cg0919

People argue about these games, So we are maxing the argument official.

  • Roblox, Is better than Fortnite, Roblox has a game exactly like fortnite.

  • Fortnite graphics are much better than roblox graphics.

63% 29 votes
37% 17 votes
  • battle royale on rob lox is a copy of fortnight and no other games are as good as their fake fortnight ones

  • Roblox is immature.

  • I think fortnite is way better. The quality is way better, And graphics. Roblox is like a 5/10 meanwhile fortnite is a 10/10.

  • Fortnite is a very good game 3rd person shooter while roblox is a 1st and 3rd person game the fact that it has a lot of boring games it is a very poor quality game it needs to stop trying to copy fortnite

  • Its just bettter

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Shun0120 says2019-01-13T11:41:00.4932831Z
Better fortinite
Hassan_M says2019-01-13T12:32:36.1126478Z
yeehawethan says2019-01-13T20:10:55.0772145Z
I will bully you on roblox lozers
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:22:54.7107042Z
Yeah man
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:23:24.1947042Z
RoBLoX tHe WaY
CW048 says2019-01-15T15:26:12.9754312Z
Fortnite gameplay is better with smoother graphics and is NOT A COPY!
bobyyvilly says2019-01-15T15:35:49.3131042Z
RoBlox IS WaY BeTteR

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