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  • Sciguy missed him. RoyLatham is one of the greatest debaters in DDO. In fact, it is the second best debater based on ELO ranking (Leaderboard). Since Mikal is the best noobsniper in DDO (He's top 1, actually), that would make RoyLatham the best. However, in my opinion, whiteflame or bluesteel is the best. There is a new RoyLatham, it is the young famousdebater, my mentor. We do not know, but he might die 2 months ago (who knows?). famousdebater is still 13 years old with a brain of that of a 30-year old.

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Nivek says2016-02-28T18:23:32.8586340Z
CodingSource says2016-02-29T10:33:35.8539217Z
I think he retired.
Anonymous says2016-03-01T03:28:45.0677897Z
I thought he died and there is no way to get to his profile.
CodingSource says2016-03-01T03:39:14.9998277Z
@Sciguy, he has Facebook.
tejretics says2016-03-19T12:32:46.7124530Z
@CodingSource As far as he told me, he now prefers the interface of Facebook chatrooms to debate as opposed to DDO. He pops in from time-to-time to see how DDO is and posts stuff in the Science and Politics forums.

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