Is same-sex marriage an inevitable legalization?

Posted by: discomfiting

A lot of people who are on the "con" (or against) same-sex marriage have publically stated that it is inevitable. Despite your own personal opinion on the morality of homosexuality; do you believe that same-sex marriage will become legalized sooner or later?

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Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T18:35:58.9738031-05:00
I don't support, and I was the one who voted no. As long as the people continue to vote those who are strong in their beliefs {beliefs against gay marriage} then it will not be legalized. The candidates of elections should not mention their points on these kinds of controversial topics until after they are voted. Hopefully it will not be voted legal, but one can assume that eventually, it will. Unfortunately.
discomfiting says2014-04-21T18:37:13.8543035-05:00
The question asked if it was inevitable or not; you just said it was, so why'd you vote "no"?
ChrisF says2014-04-21T18:38:35.3175035-05:00
I'm wondering, why do you think it should not be legalized? You'd have to have a non-religious reason, as the First Amendment prevents Congress from passing laws based on any religion.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T18:48:55.2607651-05:00
Okay sorry. I explained why it could end up being legalized, and how it could end up not being legalized. I'm just against it because it defeats the original value of marriage {Marriage has been originally defined as the bond between a man and a woman} , goes against the way humans were biologically made, and I just find it unnatural and against my beliefs. Not to mention, if they adopt, they are denying a child of a mother or a father, and rather "replacing" them with a figure that will never be able to fill the shoes of the actual parent. Lastly, it promotes the homosexual lifestyle, and this will lead to increased sterility as more people come out and less reproduction occurs. Lastly, the debate on homosexual marriage seems to be a difficult one for those against it. All of it's supporters will start bashing you for being against it, and people just conform to society's pressure and support gay marriage. I grew up with a certain set of values, and thus I do not support gay marriage, and homosexuality, too. That is all. Feel free to reply.
ChrisF says2014-04-21T18:53:26.0161007-05:00
Okay, let me explain why some of your concerns are unnecessary: 1) For many, many years, marriage could be between one man and many women, which is now illegal. 2) Over 400 other species on Earth exhibit homosexuality, so it is natural. 3) Unfortunately, your beliefs (I'm assuming you mean religious, correct me if otherwise) do not apply to Congress, because of the 1st Amendment. 4) Single parents can legally adopt, which also deprives the child of one parent figure. 5) If gay parents raised gay children, then by that logic, children of straight parents would be straight. The existence of gay people proves this false.
discomfiting says2014-04-21T19:11:29.5742571-05:00
@Shadow, marriage was defined pre-christianity era. There were many homosexual weddings between two men & two women; notably in countries like Ancient Greece & Rome. Pagans and polytheists were marrying homosexals because marriage was defined as "people who love each other." Fun fact, in Ancient Greece, there was not a word regarding the area of sexual orientation; they were simply called people and marriages. Christianity redefined marriage as "one man, one woman" after it was previous defined. Yes it goes against biologically how we were made because animals are made to reproduce and that is the reason we have sex organs. But a few things; 1.) it occurs in nature between nearly all species of animals including lions, primates & dolphins. 2.) appeal to nature says that if it natural, it is good; if it unnatural it is bad. According to that argument, monogamy is bad yet people still do it. 3.) when you have sex with somebody you love, what do you call it? "making love" or "mating"; most likely making love because as I stated, humans are weird and don't have sex as a reproductive reason, but as an act of love and affection. 4.) just because something is natural or unnatural does not mean that is bad nor good. Example: Cocaine is natural therefore that is good and should be legal. There are nearly 7 billion people alive, humans are not going to be extinct any time soon; we have a better chance of a nuclear war wiping us out. The idea that children around homosexuals promotes homosexual lifestyle is rather ignorant and untrue. There are many gay couples with heterosexual children. Same-sex marriage and sodomy are two different things; the marriage could be illegal and sodomy could be legal (which it is)and your final argument is dissolved as holding no credible grounds of reasoning. My concluding statement is that your religion says being gay/gay weddings are immoral; just because you follow your religion doesn't mean everybody should. It is your religion to follow, not impose onto others. Example: I am a buddhist; I am a vegan but I do not go around trying to ban the consumption of meats and dairy products because not everybody follows my religion therefore I have no right to impose it onto masses that have their own morality. America was not founded on Christian morals or religious morals; it was founded on freedom, justice, democracy and American morals. Establishment clause says that congress cannot pass a law to ban or legalize something on the grounds of religion; i.E same-sex marriage/sodomy. An American moral is to simply have your own morals; liberal, conservative, religious, whatever they are. American morals = everybody with their own morals, not everybody forced to have the same one.
ChrisF says2014-04-21T19:14:19.8585381-05:00
Oh! Thanks discomfiting for reminding me. In ancient times, there was a group of 300 warriors known as the Sacred Band of Thebes. They were some of the most feared and admired warriors in the ancient world, and when they were finally defeated by Philip of Macedon, he knelt down and started crying because of their bravery. And, the Sacred Band of Thebes was made up of exactly 150 homosexual couples.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T19:14:39.3118628-05:00
Well, I didn't mean that a gay parent would raise a gay child. It is proven that a child raised without a father is more likely to partake in sexual actions at a younger age and a child without a mother is more likely to use drugs and be violent. Also, although I do not support it religiously, I also don't support with my own morals because, (it is difficult to explain), I just don't find it 'right'. Regarding polygamy-multiple partners- that is more okay since it is supporting the human race in terms of population, and that was mostly due to the huge unbalanced scale in support of men, or the fact that the man wanted a wife who could a) give birth to a child and b) a child that is a boy.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-21T19:16:04.3948082-05:00
So, you basically argue that people can't be gay, because it feels unnatural to you? Come on man, you need to give better reasons that that.
discomfiting says2014-04-21T19:19:57.8879449-05:00
Send the hyperlinks of these so-called proven facts
Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T19:39:50.6339507-05:00
Here is where I got some information from
Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T19:44:15.8668509-05:00
Well, why should I have to have any more reasons. These are my opinions and should be allowed to freely agree/ disagree with whatever I want to. You don't have to explain you opinion nor do you have to defend what you believe in nor do you have people question you when you are asked- a simple question for example- like "Do you think cold blooded murder is good?" People have their own opinions, and just because this topic is more controversial doesn't mean that I have to have some elaborate rebuttles and proof of my opinions. (In response to jifpop09) That is all.
discomfiting says2014-04-21T19:48:57.8693247-05:00
Sorry but that is biased and non-credible source of information. They didn't cite their information of "It is in the child’s best interests that he be raised under the influence of his natural father and mother. This rule is confirmed by the evident difficulties faced by the many children who are orphans or are raised by a single parent, a relative, or a foster parent." You need to cite the studies and experiments that were done to have some type of credibility; .org does not automatically mean truth. Legally, none of those arguments would hold up because they're all religious based and the constitution forbids that. There are many studies that have been done that say homosexuals parents are better/just as good as heterosexual parents.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-21T19:50:15.1059537-05:00
If you have an opinion, then you should have reasoning behind it. But apparently you don't, lol
discomfiting says2014-04-21T19:52:19.0781247-05:00
Shadow, if you didn't want to have a debate over this and start an argument over the morality homosexuality, you shouldn't have commented on it. Don't get all defensive because you ran out of short sighted reasoning.
Shadow-Dragon says2014-04-21T21:01:18.8628853-05:00
I'm not getting defensive. You both just seem to have been offended by my opinions. Once again, they are my opinions, so, jifpop09, I don't need to have full cited back up to my thoughts on this issue. In addition, people say that these couples love eachother, so we should allow them to be with eachother. Well, there are pedophiles out there and also necrophiliacs. Should we legalize their practices because they 'love' the person they want to be with {Children, Dead bodies, respectively) . Obviously that should not be and is not allowed, so similarly, maybe the person you love isn't always the one you can be with (every typical love story, too).
discomfiting says2014-04-21T21:03:02.8306071-05:00
Between 2 or more living consenting people, you're nobody to stand in their way of marriage.
Fight4Liberty says2014-05-01T13:00:00.1501807-05:00
Personally, I am not a fan of it. If I was in a position of authority, I would influence against a homosexual marriage. But ultimately, who am I stand between the rights of two individuals?
discomfiting says2014-05-01T13:04:26.8897549-05:00
I'm not a fan of heterosexuality but ditto.

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