Is Satan Really Bad?

Posted by: Levi1997

I would put in information why I am asking this but then again that is a lot of work so i'm just not going to but if you wanna know why I ask then just ask me to tell you then.

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Levi1997 says2015-01-15T12:12:48.3496655-06:00
Okay so here is part of my explanation for this. Satan is in hell, people who sin go to hell, and then they don't have a good time in hell so this is part of the reason why i'm wondering is Satan really bad
Tonius5 says2015-01-15T12:32:05.3003448-06:00
Satan was not sent there to torture sinful people. He exists in Hell because he tried to overthrow God, but failed. Out of hatred and spite, he temps God's children (us) into sinning so we will be dragged down with him.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-15T12:48:06.7832149-06:00
@Tonius5 Religious people need Satan to keep them in line. Which is a good thing. Fear is the best deterrant afterall. Religion uses Satan to convert people and keep them devoted. Satan is only bad for religious people. People who don't believe in Satan can't be victims of religion and don't need Satan to keep them in line.
Wylted says2015-01-15T12:56:14.6706507-06:00
Satan isn't bad. He's a cool dude.
carriead20 says2015-01-15T13:07:59.4756072-06:00
@Wylted: Yes yes I am.
BDPershing says2015-01-15T13:08:48.2942593-06:00
Considering the character "Satan" is based of the mythology nature god Pan, I would say its religions way of demonizing a character to enslave the masses. Kind of how gun owners are demonized even tho we save lives, but everyone just looks at the small about of criminal killings vs the large amount of incidences prevented and stopped by gun owners...
Tonius5 says2015-01-15T13:34:58.7478580-06:00
@Shub You're looking at this poll as if reality has a secular default and the religious are the weird ones. When it reality, I see you as a crazy person.
Bgirlctforlife says2015-01-15T13:43:30.7500310-06:00
I'm an atheist...
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-15T13:55:29.0087541-06:00
I think people percieve life in different ways. Satan means nothing in my life yet he means alot in yours. Neither of us are crazy. We are just different.
Tonius5 says2015-01-15T14:16:59.4731262-06:00
So those assertions you made go completely against what you just said.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-15T14:46:43.3360828-06:00
The statement is the same. More diplomatic with my 2nd comment.

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