Is school important?

Posted by: jttjty19

There are many different views about this and I would like to see what the majority says

Poll closed on 3/13/2016 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes

  • No

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • Education is important- not school. Only a fool would believe them to be one in the same.

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snkcake666 says2016-03-05T04:45:46.3835493Z
@Drew Hypothesis contrary to fact fallacy.
Charlatte says2019-03-08T23:20:46.0740045Z
DrewCrew01 and you can also learn how to read with your parents on your own without schools. Once you can read then you can learn everything you actually NEED as an adult by yourself out of interest/curiosity and passion. Like snkcake666 said in a way is that school and education are two different things.

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