Is scientific illiteracy a major problem in the United States?

Posted by: gabep

  • Yes, it is a problem.

  • Nah.

83% 19 votes
17% 4 votes
  • It's basically people who deny all reason, and cling to their prehistoric, outdated beliefs.

  • Theres a huge margin of belief between scientists and the public regarding things such as evolution, climate change and vaccines.

  • Oh my God yes! And it's not even the easy targets that are the problem, some of the most science illiterate idiots are the ones using science as a bludgeon in favor of their BS. For instance, the "1-in-5" rape stat or the frat boys rape "300%" more then other guys stat or that one deeply discredited "vaccines cause autism" study. All those are pushed by the left-leaning and they are viciously incorrect and being used to cause far more harm then good. I don't know how many times I've had someone try to prove me wrong by linking me to a study or report that violently disproves their point, but they couldn't tell because they were a science illiterate moron! Sorry it's just really flipping depressing.

    Posted by: Espera
  • I'm Bible and I find this Christian because the offensive says so.

  • People just wont believe things they cant understand. the mentality is rampant here.

  • It really isn't

  • We have been lied to one too many time by "the best and brightest of scientists" to truly know if what they continue to tell us is true.

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tajshar2k says2015-05-15T09:14:33.2281940-05:00
@triangle Nice joke (No sarcasm this time :D)

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