• Yes

  • No

92% 22 votes
8% 2 votes
  • The defining characteristic of a cult is "domination", and that defines Scientology.

  • Merriam Webster defines cult as "a system of religious beliefs and ritual." So, yes, by definition it is a cult, but so is literally every other religion out there. The word "cult" is one of the most misused words out there.

  • It's not a religion not even a cult but a business disguised as a religion.

    Posted by: Kollo
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captainsparrow says2016-12-30T19:20:24.2448853Z
The Church of Scientology forces its adherents to sever ties with family members and/or friends who have defected or criticized Scientology. If that's not cult-like behavior, I don't know what is. No religion or organization should have the power to tear families apart.
dog_tired says2018-01-27T19:45:09.9764554Z
So is islam!

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