Is Scotland better off inside the UK or EU?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

Due to the UK vote to leave the EU and the SNP saying that as Scotland voted to stay they should have independence and join the EU, is Scotland better off in the UK or in the EU?

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Inside the EU

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Inside the UK

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GoOrDin says2016-07-31T21:29:42.2326149Z
I think it would help save and reserve Scottish nationalism, culture, rights and prosperity to separate from UK nd join EU at this point.
TheBilbo1 says2016-08-01T16:07:45.8154321Z
@GoOrDin What do you mean "Scots don't primarily speak English anyways"
GoOrDin says2016-08-01T18:28:50.9902786Z
Scotlands language is Gaelic, isn't it. I mean the people responsible for Scotland's sovereignty, security and prosperity were the gaelic. No? I know they speak English now. But they are not Englishmen. Explain
GoOrDin says2016-08-01T18:33:38.9250157Z
Wow. 58 000 gaelic speakers in 2013. 5 343 000 total people in Scotland 2015. 17% under age 15 alright. Well. None the less. ... No comment XD
TheBilbo1 says2016-08-01T22:25:58.6150351Z
They may not be Englishmen, but they are not run solely by the English as the UK government id made up of MPs from all 4 parts of the UK. Granted, England has the most seats however that does not mean that Scottish interests are forgotten, they have a Scottish parliament and Scots in the Westminster parliament. Also, Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister (not a very good one) and he was Scottish. Scotland is as much part of the Union as England is, as Wales is and as Northern Ireland is. If we do not stand United, then how are we going to continue to play a major role in this ever changing world.

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