Is Self Aware A.I bad?

Posted by: Knaveslayer99

Is self aware artificial intelligence bad?

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Yes, it is bad!

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No, it isn't bad!

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Only if the A.I is mistreated/harmed

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Knaveslayer99 says2016-08-25T08:29:42.3948731Z
In my opinion I believe self aware A.I is only bad if we do mistreat it and or harm it if we make it feel safe and welcomed I feel if as self aware A.I isn't a bad thing but rather a good thing.
v3nesl says2016-08-25T13:23:40.4030760Z
There is no such thing as self aware A.I. There is absolutely no reason to suppose any machine will ever be self aware.
DuffmanJack says2016-08-29T07:32:35.9917384Z
This is a very interesting topic I think should be brought up more often. A lot of people are discussing this issue in the computer science field after major players have begun to warn us over what they're calling "the singularity event". People like Steven Hawking have begun to predict the time frame of 2045 technology will allow us to create self aware ai. The problems with are terrifying, including the prospect of a senscient ai creating another ai that creates another ai that...Ai that will make software that will determine man kind as either a threat or rival in which they will exterminate man kind. If something like this happens their technology will evolve at s rate we couldn't even imagine. There are a lot of theories out there like this from established people in the field of computer science. So yes I believe self aware ai can be potentially a very bad thing

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