Is socialism a better choice on paper?

Is socialism a better choice on paper?

  • Yes

  • No

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
  • It depends on the form of socialism, but I would say in general yes. I would also say most forms of socialism is better in actuality too.

  • On paper and in implementation.

    Posted by: reece
  • it is good on paper but as soon as you try to use it in real life it don't work

  • While it sounds good on paper, when you actually implement it the economy pretty much dies.

    Posted by: Cat47
  • It is better if youre working for the government, if not, socialism is evil. However, it can be good if you combine it with the good aspects of Capitalism

  • no, it really would work. being poor, i'm all for making the economic state of a society as equal as possible. i even think communism works. it's valid as a theory. we're only opposed to it because of the violence of its leaders.

  • No, taking money from those who work harder for it is a terrible system on paper. If you say that socialism/communism is a good idea that only fails in practice, you failed yourself.

    Posted by: Fernyx
  • It is morally inconcievable to steal labor from people in order to help subsidize poor people's poor decisions

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Anonymous says2016-11-19T00:16:53.3563815Z
Frankfurter50 that's why I meant on paper not the history of it
reece says2016-11-19T10:53:38.7498604Z
@ChechnoNorwegian Such as corporate welfare?
ChechnoNorwegian says2016-11-19T18:28:56.7333540Z
@reece No
frankfurter50 says2016-11-23T22:24:06.1143387Z
In a communist society, wealth and poverty do not exist. Therefore, we would not be subsidizing poor people's poor decisions, we would be evening the economic scales so that social class is no longer a commonly used term.
jo154676 says2017-01-04T19:52:26.7775334Z
So instead of some people being poor we make everyone poor? And what is the motivation to try hard and be successful?

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