Is Splatoon better than COD?

Posted by: Spartan_MKVI

Well guys I dunno about which one is better splatoon or COD

  • Splatoon

  • COD

46% 13 votes
54% 15 votes
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FriendMeOnXBOX360 says2016-10-28T14:03:43.9833731Z
FriendMeOnXBOX360 says2016-10-28T14:05:21.8428004Z
My xbox360 tag is Gamerthumb360. I have ninja storm revolution, injustice, blackops 1 & 2, C.O.D ghosts, and a bunch of fighting games. (:
fitzandtantrumz1 says2016-11-01T10:21:27.9655487Z
Splatoon is a baby game and it is for kids who want to shoot but can't play M rated +
Daryl123 says2016-11-10T13:35:27.8642678Z
Daryl123 says2016-11-10T13:36:11.4353471Z
Same FriendMe

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