Is Steve Bannon racist?

Posted by: Stupidape

Poll closed on 1/1/2017 at 1:01AM.
  • Affrimative.

  • Negative.

62% 8 votes
38% 5 votes
  • Without having seen any evidence to support the claim, I would assume he is not. However, if such evidence to support that claim surfaces, I would have to re-evaluate my initial assumption.

  • Ben Shapiro is a Jew who worked with him for 4 years and he says he has never heard him say anything racists or anti Semitic

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newwine says2016-11-22T09:20:21.3977322Z
Everyone is racist. Steve Bannon is included in the term everyone. Steve Bannon is rascist.
Heterodox says2016-11-23T08:02:01.4939392Z
@newwine, That's only true if you have twisted racism to mean something other than what it actually means. And consider how ridiculous that would make it, if it applied to everyone.
Stupidape says2016-11-26T22:56:33.0528409Z
The evidence speaks for itself Bannon is a racist. Http://www.Motherjones.Com/politics/2016/11/stephen-bannon-facebook-group-racist-material-obama-death-threats https://www.Splcenter.Org/stephen-bannon-has-no-business-white-house

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