• Yes

  • No

22% 4 votes
78% 14 votes
  • Too much stress will kill you, but so will too little. The human body lives off of stress. You get hungry, that's stress. You're nervous to speak before an audience, that's stress. In fact, it has scientifically been proven with reputable studies that too little stress will kill you, as there is no reason for your body to continue. That's why we gotta keep our elderly occupied. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2014/07/09/325216030/like-all-animals-we-need-stress-just-not-too-much

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Conspiracyrisk says2016-03-01T14:21:06.6714015Z
Why would anyone vote yes?
Dol says2016-03-01T14:55:29.8782271Z
Ofcourse stress is not healthy, it is my biggest enemy
gavman says2016-03-01T15:21:03.8422435Z
Imagine if we didn't have stress and don't think about your personal opinion. Look it up.
GooseOnTheLoose says2016-03-01T15:22:37.9750571Z
The answer is pretty obvious.
Quadrunner says2016-03-01T23:05:59.2844125Z
Like most things, a healthy amount is healthy.
snkcake666 says2016-03-02T04:50:26.0472909Z
Depends on the type. Eustress is, while distress is not.
cam25aus says2016-03-02T21:34:13.1478483Z
Stress is one of the causes of suicide. So it's definitely not healthy.

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