Is succession a right?

Posted by: labarum

I just used the confederate flag as an example. The question is, do you believe that a region or people have the right to succeed from an already formed union if they believe that they would prosper more from the separation?

  • Yes, please explain why

  • No, please explain why

33% 3 votes
67% 6 votes
  • Yes, if people disagree with the government, why put up with it?

  • The south had a very good reason for seceding from the Union. The northern government was dictating the country. If that situation happens again (which I really hope it doesn't) then a state should have the right to secede.

  • No. The last time we tried that, we ended up killing over half a million people.

  • A right is an entitlement. You are not entitled to succeed from a nation, you are entitled to leave if you don't like it or compromise. You can always try to succeed like the South did in the civil war (which is unconstitutional) and the union can (and does) have the right to go to war with the succeeding part under Article 3, section 3 of the U.S Constitution.

  • It's unconstitutional for states to seccession except for Texas and Hawaii.

  • All "rights" are just relative terms decided on and acted on by the current government. No one has a right to secede from the Union due to this being unconstitutional. To assume that a government would willingly allow people to leave its sphere of influence without compromise or punishment would be ridiculous, except in certain cases such as the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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labarum says2014-05-28T19:17:21.8382871-05:00
I believe that If a region or people were better off separated from their current nation than they would be united, then they should be able to succeed. But I also believe that it is the all ready formed unions right to fight in order to regain said lost territory.
yetifivepecks says2014-05-29T05:07:58.0097024-05:00
Succession is different from secession.
SweetTea says2014-05-29T11:26:34.9423791-05:00
Succession? Really? Or secession? Succeed? Or secede? Two very different things.
SweetTea says2014-05-29T11:37:20.4549257-05:00
Assuming you mean secession ... It's not a right. Nor is it Constitutional. Http://voices.Washingtonpost.Com/44/2010/02/antonin-scalia-no-right-to-sec.Html
debate_power says2014-05-29T14:33:15.6229180-05:00
Also, the word "succession" appears to me to be a spelling error.
labarum says2014-05-30T23:34:56.7051227-05:00
I know it was a spelling error, my bad. But you get what I mean. Also Sweet Tea, the government does not provide the rights of man, only protects them. The constitution does not say anything about secession and is therefore covered under the 9th amendment as a state right. And I tried to look up your scalia source and couldn't find it.

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