• Yes!

  • No...

92% 44 votes
8% 4 votes
  • Sports are physical activities and swimming is a physical activity, which means that swimming is a sport.

  • Swimming involves a lot of physical endurance and works all parts of your body. Practices are difficult and require a lot of effort, just like any other sport. Some people misconstrue swimming with simply relaxing in a pool or swimming laps passively, both of which are not what actual competitive swimming involves.

    Posted by: In2You
  • I have both swam on a competitive swim team and currently play competitive soccer, both are physical, but swimming is as good of a workout as anything in the world, it is not just splashing around playing sharks and minnows. This does not make anything else "less ignorant a sport".

  • yes, it is.

  • swimming requires competition and it is very physical. also it is in the Olympics.

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