Is Ted Cruz eligible for U.S presidency?

Posted by: discomfiting

"[N]o person except a natural born citizen, or a Citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” He was born in Calgary, Canada.

  • Yes he can, screw the constitution

  • No he can't, no constitutional cherry picking

18% 2 votes
82% 9 votes
  • What is a natural born citizen? The constitution doesn't exactly say. Someone is a "natural born" citizen if they have citizenship at birth and don’t have to go through a naturalization process to become a citizen. If that’s the definition, then Cruz is a natural born citizen by being born to an American mother and having her citizenship at birth. (This same logic would apply to Obama, even if he were born in another country, which he wasn’t.)

    Posted by: JDuB
  • No because he was born in Kenya and he is a Muslim

  • He's not a natural citizen because even with the logic due to his mother being American, that would be he's a natural born citizen of Cuba too. He wasn't born in America, he is not a U.S citizen; ring wing supporters screamed with all their pseudo-patriotism of claiming Obama wasn't born in the U.S (even though he was) & now all the sudden, it doesn't matter who was born where. Personally I think it's stupid to need a natural born citizen to be your leader but, it's unconstitutional.

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briantheliberal says2014-05-31T23:49:20.1998141-05:00
@JDub A natural born citizen is someone who is a citizen by birth, which means they were born in the country of which they have citizenship, a few examples: an American who was born in the United States, a Spanish citizen who was born in Spain, a Korean who was born in South Korea. Only a person who was born on American soil is eligible to run for U.S. presidency. Obama was born in Hawaii and he was able to become president, Ted Cruz was born in Canada, so he is not a natural born citizen.
JDuB says2014-06-03T09:29:05.7778522-05:00
@briantheliberal Listen, I don't like Ted Cruz. But he is eligible for the Presidency. Do you remember in 2008 when we had to go through the same thing with John McCain. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Not the army base, but actual Panama. But because he had American parents, he was considered a natural born citizen because he didn't have to apply to become a citizen. The same goes for Ted Cruz.
JDuB says2014-06-03T09:31:35.9812088-05:00
@briantheliberal And if we go back even further, there was the time when George Romney, Mitch's father, was under fire by democrats arguing that he isn't a natural born citizen because he was born to American parents in Mexico. He didn't run, but he still could have
JDuB says2014-06-03T09:33:39.1588088-05:00
@briantheliberal Going back even further, President Chester Arthur (the forgotten time between 1881-1885) was the original "birther controversy when some argued he was born in Canada (instead of Vermont).
JDuB says2014-06-03T09:34:36.1300088-05:00
@briantheliberal To finish my point, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service has even weighed in on the issue, writing in November 2011 that people born to U.S. citizens in foreign countries "most likely" qualify as natural-born citizens. Legal experts from countless journals all say that he clears the "natural born citizen" hudle
JDuB says2014-06-03T09:40:19.6090115-05:00
I stand corrected, the Panama Canal Zone was an unorganized US territory. But even so, Ted Cruz is eligible
discomfiting says2014-06-03T11:42:08.5607509-05:00
John McCain was not eligible in my opinion. Neither was romney's father. But it's not like either of them won.
JDuB says2014-06-03T11:50:59.9144551-05:00
Than maybe this debate shouldn't be whether he's legally eligible for office but if we should make a new amendment that requires the President to be born in the domain of the United States (or should it be only states and not territories?)
discomfiting says2014-06-03T11:52:30.8768889-05:00
Either way, we (as a country) should probably define what a "natural citizen" is because if we don't; the whole debate will never end.
SamStockell says2014-06-25T15:54:49.2340711-05:00
Obama was born in Hawaii... Before it was a state. So that means he wasnt a citizen by birth
SamStockell says2014-06-25T15:57:46.5215127-05:00
Nevermind. Apparently i cant read

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