Is the bible a reliable and accurate source of information regarding the history of life and the earth.

Posted by: SamStevens

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The bible is not reliable. Scientific evidence that is tested and peer reviewed shows that the earth is not 6000+/- years old, that we weren't created but that we share an ancestor with chimps, and that life evolved over its 3.5 billion year old span. There is no evidence for a great flood nor do snakes possess vocal cords.



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It is a reliable source because it is god's word. We were created in his image and looking at human nature shows this, we are unique in the fact that we don't rely on instinct and that we have morals. The bible also stood the test of time being around for about 3500 years. It is also true that a talking snake tricked Adam&eve into eating a fruit and that the great flood really happened since the bible describes it happening.

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Jifpop09 says2014-04-15T15:08:46.0540912-05:00
@Berend - Do you have any proof the books were written 200 years later or is this coming from your book of bull$hit?
Jifpop09 says2014-04-15T15:09:11.9628675-05:00
And I'm not saying your wrong, but that the fact was absolutely baseless.
Nidhogg28 says2014-04-16T11:08:53.4491054-05:00
They were not written near creation, they were written by Moses, from God's direction.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-04-16T14:24:18.8520082-05:00
Wow a ripped bible
Migrating_Hacker says2014-04-16T14:26:15.3954550-05:00
The description for the bible is stupid because you were to chicken to look up real information on the bible which all that info is not explained well.
demonlord343 says2014-04-16T14:47:43.8906148-05:00
It does a pretty good job of summing it up..
SamStevens says2014-04-16T15:16:13.5211739-05:00
@migrating_hacker: Actually I put an old ripped up bible since the bible itself is 3500+/- years old. It is not a matter of being chicken not looking up information on a book, all it is, is summing it up. Want a more detailed summary on the bible, go to your local church.
SamStevens says2014-04-16T15:21:39.5164636-05:00
@migrating_hacker: "The description for the bible is stupid because you were to chicken to look up real information on the bible which all that info is not explained well." Well, how about you drop a few lines on information on the bible since you are apparently an expert on it. I would like to see more of your constructive criticism on the my description.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-04-17T14:10:45.2073403-05:00
Put a new bible old bibles were actually scrolls not books.
SamStevens says2014-04-17T14:14:28.8035736-05:00
@migrating_hacker: Thank you for your constructive criticism
Migrating_Hacker says2014-04-17T14:26:57.6083736-05:00
Your welcome and God bless you
Sommerville says2014-04-24T05:22:17.1526341-05:00
Man was unknowledgeable in the beginning and knew nothing of science. Man created gods, God, to explain the bad things that were happening. They worship those gods, God in the hope the bad things would go away. They murdered many innocent people in the name of God. Than actual science came along and less and less people stop believing in a fairy-tale book that was written by an unknowledgeable man which was than found by a king who got scriptures to make it better than spread this book to other kingdoms which than created the British Empire which spread this non sense to gain better power of its people. Now people are starting to realise that they were believing in a book and quoting words from a book.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-04-24T16:06:48.2063271-05:00
Zeus for example was a Greek god that Greeks would worship long ago ,but since it was mythology people stop believing ,so my question is since Greek gods and others ancient gods were once believed to save and help then how come God hasn't been abandoned like the ancient gods?
xxWesxx says2014-05-04T20:56:00.1749308-05:00
Which "god"? There are many gods still worshipped today, including Greek gods. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, etc., gods/goddesses are worshipped by many...And if standing the test of time is what makes "god" true, then the Hindu gods are the most true.
xxWesxx says2014-05-04T20:59:04.1697919-05:00
And as for the bible being true...Sorry, it's not. We know this for a fact. Prime example: Jesus wasn't born in Bethlehem like Luke said. His story is 100% fictional. Historical evidence disproves it entirely. And as for Mary being a virgin...That word didn't exist in the Hebrew language when written. So how do you know they said she was? Almah means young woman, not virgin. Greek translations translated it to Parthenon, which means young woman, or virgin...
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-07T13:14:19.7841541-05:00
Since when gas from space turn to life
Berend says2014-07-19T14:28:29.9082628-05:00
The Greek Gods were older. The Hindu Gods are still worshiped and the Shinto Gods, does that have any relevance to them being correct? Also, the God of the bible is also a myth.

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