Is the Biblical God the most Realistic God?

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

As in: does the god represented in the bible make sense to you? In comparison to other gods is this one the most credible?

  • Yes. The biblical God is the most realistic god.

  • No, the bible itself is reason to believe that this god is nonsense

42% 15 votes
58% 21 votes
  • Since this is the only God, and quite real, I think that makes this God the most realistic.

  • Science keeps subconsciously proving he his, I have yet to see any proof otherwise so yeah. He's pretty real. I mean. We're here aren't we?

  • He is the only true god

  • The Bible is the only book that continues to reiterate itself. Everything that God predicted to come true did. I personally believe that God is the one true God. I do also believe in the Trinity, being that God is the Godhead being three people.

  • The universe. There is no way in 10,000 years :) that this universe came from nothing and became perfectly designed by chance. No, there was an artist and that artist was God.

  • The biblical descriptions of its god are self contradictory. Yahweh is described as both all just and all merciful. Mercy is the suspension of justice when punishment is called for. The creators of the Bible tried to incorporate a loophole in the form of a human sacrifice, however, this in itself is both unjust AND unmerciful. The Bible also tells us that Yahweh DEMANDS that we have free will (another contradiction), yet that it is also omniscient. If Yahweh does actually know what action every being is going to make, then free will is just an illusion. Our actions and "decisions" are, in fact, predetermined. There are many more such contradictions and absurdities surrounding the biblical description of Yahweh. It is clear that, contrary to what billions of people believe, the Bible is not a cohesive biography of a being that could exist in reality. A god or gods may exist, but certainly not this one.

  • If this was the most realistic god, there would be no other gods. People in other geographical locations wouldent hear about this god and STILL keep their, born into, religion.

  • Since there is no god it does not matter where he comes from

  • I'd have to say the ancient Roman and Greek gods were far more real. They were just like us, only bigger, and could do magic. None of this "you just can't understand him because he's unfathomable" nonsense. And even though he can do magic too, their costumes are way more cool.

  • The problem of evil alone makes the Christian God unlikely. Many other polytheistic religions do not suffer from this.

  • You'd be better off with the flying spaghetti monster......

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777dsutter says2016-08-26T20:57:57.0910430Z
Well 2 me it's all about whether the God in question can make any attempt at reconciling that which is wrong and lacking n this world.. Yaweh does indeed attack the problem like no other God , thru his son as a substitutional sacrifice worthy enuf and having the power and legitimacy required 2 pay the heavy price that would have 2 be paid n some way that would actually be acknowledged and felt by all who were under it, or all of mankind. Most never take the time and contemplation I believe this concept deserves to ponder the idea being even a possibility... Essentially this God is saying that there is nothing more powerful and real than a truly innocent and harmless being , being blameless, choosing out of its love for something else, 2 willingly sacrifice it's life, but also it's perfect blameless record whilst choosing 2 take on all the blame of that which he is sacrificing for.. And that such a loving and powerful act there is nothing comparable n wieghtiness and consequence! So all those that see contradiction between old and new testament and all the vengeance and jdgement of the wicked u read about n the torah is no contradiction at all!!! The mercy of God and his Judgement all came down at one moment and in one beautiful act! He took the judegment upon himself out of his love for his creation.. Don't u see if God came down 2 judge the world , he'd win the war but loose ALL of us! No man can say he is w out sin and stand before the judgement of God!! It's the only way we can be reconciled w the God and still have true mercy and true Judgment being fulfilled
missmedic says2016-08-28T19:54:46.9431649Z
To many contradictions in the "believe or else" god.
sumitarora says2016-08-30T20:52:44.2948182Z
Only bible makes sense to me, no other religion. Jesus is the only god
Gareth_BM says2016-08-30T20:54:18.0790132Z
And why is that.

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